Saturday, March 31, 2012

Winner: my common sense

“You look so cute today,” Alexander told me, nudging me in the ribs with his elbow.

We were on the ice – our whole team was – doing our annual last skate ritual. The last practice of every season involves very little practice. It involves putting on our skates and standing around for an hour. A little bit of talking. A little bit of skating. A lot of eating. We make a buffet of one of the benches. It’s ridiculous.

Alexander told me that I looked cute and I just rolled my eyes at him. Earlier in the day, when he made his proposal, he made his intentions very clear. And I made my refusal clearer.

A friend of his was borrowing his car and he picked it up from the rink and to facilitate this car shuffling, he asked me for a ride home from the rink. I obliged because I am a huge sucker. And because I actually kind of like the kid. He has flaws. But he’s fun to be around. In a platonic way.

“Your car smells like girl,” he announced to me as he slid into the passenger seat. “It smells like pretty girl.”

And then he proceeded to flirt with me for the entire 15 minutes it took to get to his house. While I pushed him off and refused and laughed it all off and it was fine.

It got weird the second my car was in his driveway. He was looking at me and I was trying to figure out how I could go inside and hang out with him without it going places that it shouldn’t go and I couldn’t wrap my head around how that would work.

So I didn’t go inside and his voice was icy cold when he said goodbye. It felt awful.

He called me a while later. I was nearly home. He called and I answered even though I didn’t know if I should. I told him about The Coach. It just came spilling out of me and I don’t know if it was the right thing to do but that’s what I did. Told him about The Coach.

Alexander asked me questions about him, about his job, and I hesitated. “What? I’m interested in his job,” Alexander said, not unkindly. And I spoke of it. Briefly.

“And now you know all of my secrets,” I told Alexander as I wrapped up. “Did you have any secrets of your own to share?”

Which is when I got confirmation that there is, indeed, a girlfriend. A girlfriend who, ironically, took a job out of state.

He texted me the next morning. Suggesting, essentially, that we get rid of The Coach and the girlfriend.

I am not taking the bait.

Thank goodness our season is over.


Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Wow ...just wow. I think I would have done the exact same thing as you (down to the spilling about the coach). And DUH obviously your car smells like pretty girl. And he will obviously be bitter because he does not get to be with your fabulous self! Good for you for being tough!

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