Thursday, March 08, 2012

Tell me what to do

Let's play a fun game, guys! A fun game called Tell Alyson What To Do With Her Damn Hair!

I need to make an appointment to have my hair cut and highlighted.

And, once I step up to the plate and actually make the appointment (which I've been thinking about for at least two weeks), I need to make a decision about what I'm doing with my hair.

Color will stay the same. Less blinding blond than last winter. Closer to my naturally strawberry blondish. My stylish did a good job with my color in December. I'm going to stick with that.

I'm just not sure what I should do about my length.

And, as we all know: I am great at making decisions.

Go short?

Stay long?

I have solicited my fine, fine readers into helping me make this decision before. Back then, I was mostly a curly girl. But now I'm wearing my hair straight 95% of the time. And I look at the pictures of my hair when it was straight and short and, um, weird and shaggy mushroom cut? Too many layers or something. Not so cute, I think.

If I do go short, I'm going short with less layers. Short that can be straightened without looking like a 'shroom.

The awesome thing about going shorter would be that I'd spend less time fussing with the blow dryer and the flat iron and all of that bullshit.

I would like that.

Time commitment aside, I think I like my hair better long. But, now that I'm wearing it straight more often than not, I'm a little worried about what my hair will be like in the summertime. Humidity + naturally curly hair = potential disaster.

Because of the unfortunate truth that is humidity + naturally curly hair = potential disaster -- I wear my hair up a lot more in the summer. And keeping my hair long would give me more options in terms of wearing my hair pulled up during the summertime months.

I'm leaning towards long, aren't I? I think that I am. The long hair isn't too juvenile, is it? I've wondered if it looks too young. (This is probably due to my stylist and I often referring to my shorter cut as my "big girl haircut.")

And also I'm a little paranoid by the long, straight hair because of my cousin Emma. The first time Emma saw me with my hair long and straight she told me that I looked like a real estate agent.

Which probably doesn't mean that it looks juvenile.

Or good. (No offense, real estate agents of the world.)

And definitely means that Emma opens her big mouth and blurts out exactly what she's thinking far, far too often.

And that I place too much importance on what other people think.

And that maybe I should just wear a ponytail every single day for the rest of my life.

Ponytails are the best.


Accidentally Me said...

No, BABY ponytails are the best:-)

I like it long. Not too juvenile at all...I love it like it is in the three pictures in the middle: long with lots of wave to it.

Smoke show:-)

Anonymous said...

I like it long too! Especially the way you have it in the coy glance over the shoulder picture.

I have curly hair also, so I know what you mean about summer humidity, but there's nothing cuter on a humid night than pulling your curls up into a loose bun or high pony and letting some tendrils hang. It makes me feel super feminine.

Theo said...

Your hair reminded me of how Adele used to style her hair. So... I guess I like it straight and longer with curls at the bottom?

However, I feel your pain about straightened curly hair in humidity. I'm growing out my bangs (that have to be straighted daily) simply because I was sick of them curling all weird in the middle of the day with no helpful hair instrument around.

kim said...

When I had long hair all I did was put it up in pony tails. Sometimes I miss being able to do that, but I really love having short hair.

I think your hair looks amazing either way. I'm kind of jealous.

k said...

at first i thought short, then long, the in a ponytail. indecisive? nah!

my first instinct is short, but i do love how it looks in the picture of you and the baby!

really, i'm no help!

Kari said...

I'd say long -- I love it straight with some waves in it. I find that long hair is way easier to deal with when it is humid. Plus I am guessing the coach is a long hair guy...

Sara said...

I vote long as well!

Mrs. Architect said...

LONG! LOVE LOVE LOVE all three pics in the middle!! Of course it does look FAB short too! You can't go wrong either way! I, personally, think the shroom cut looks great!

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

I vote long too :)
The middle pics are simply FABULOUS!
Can't wait to see what you decide.

A said...

Oh my goodness.

You guys.
The absolute.

So, long? Long, I think.

@K -- you KILL me with your indecision. We're twins.

@Mrs. Architect -- thank you for your kindness towards the 'shroom cut. hahaha.

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