Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sunday roundup of random

I haven't seen or spoken with Alexander in two weeks. I thought that I would care. Or that it would bother me, that he lost interest in me as quickly as I lost interest in him. But it doesn't. I just don't care.

We had that mini conversation that I initiated and I should have seized the opportunity to have a bigger, better talk but he fell off of the face of the earth shortly thereafter and whatever. I'm pretty much over the whole thing.

But I'm not exactly sure how over it I'll be when I have to see him.

That's what I'm worrying about. Seeing him.

* * *

All I want to do is go on long runs and play in the kitchen.

* * *

On Friday night, I joined Meg for her hockey game. And by joined, I mean that I sat in the stands with a cup of tea and cheered her on and thought about being a hockey mom.

One day, I'll be a hockey mom.

And it won't be much different from Friday night. My ass will be cold. I'll bring a book and never open it. And I'll keep my hands wrapped around a cup of tea.

I'm going to be a good hockey mom.

* * *

Next weekend, I want to attempt to make soft pretzels.

* * *

Next weekend, I was supposed to run a race with Alexander's mom. And Alexander.

Not happening.

So thankful I didn't register. I'll spend that registration fee on something more awesome. Such as a race that Alexander won't be running in.

* * *

Lucy and I both called Colleen on her birthday. It's now been 10 days and she hasn't bothered to call either of us back. Or text us. Or email us. I sort of feel like, by acknowledging her birthday, we were giving her a pretty big out to the mess she made of our friendships.

We threw her a bone. And we got nothing back.

The end of our friendships with Colleen have boiled down to what is basically a really, really bad breakup that we can't stop analyzing and therefore neither Lucy nor I can fully come to terms with it.

The good news is that not bridesmaiding in Colleen's wedding is going to save me a ton of cash money.

* * *

Tonight, I made The Coach pick out my soccer socks via text message.

He's a good sport.


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