Sunday, March 11, 2012

Love Letters


I hope that you realize what an enormous influence you are on the lives of the girls you coach. I saw them this weekend; I saw them play and I saw them idolize you. How lucky they are to have you as their coach. How lucky you are for the opportunity to change their lives.

* * *

The Coach,

You try to impress me sometimes. I bet you don't think that I notice that it is what you're doing, but I notice. It's adorable. And I am impressed. Always impressed. Long before you ever try to impress me.

* * *


I know that this envelope from you is a thank you card. But I just can't open it because I am certain that it will make me cry.

* * *


I will always be your lookout. I will always be your partner in crime.

* * *


When you hinted to my mom about the type of candy you would like in your Easter basket? You've never felt closer to my sister than at that moment. Just because you knew that my mom would make you a basket. Just like she will make one for me and one for Meg.

* * *


I am running in place. I am treading water. I wouldn't mind a sign.


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