Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Coach vs. Alexander vs. my common sense

Alexander is young and arrogant. His confidence overwhelms me.

The Coach seems confident from the outside. He could be mistaken as arrogant. He is neither. In front of me, he strips all of that pretense off. In front of me, he’s unabashedly nerdy and charmingly goofy and he is himself. The Coach, for real: not a composite of who everyone thinks that he is.

Alexander knows what he wants. He had me in February. Lost interest immediately. Text message today. Another haiku.

Last practice of the year
Beer, treats and good times for all
Post skate date at my place

I don’t know if The Coach knows what he wants. I know that The Coach keeps me closer. And, still, I always want more. I want to talk to The Coach more than I do. I want to see The Coach more than I do. But The Coach and I don’t go for a month without speaking. He doesn’t ignore me until a booty call is on the horizon. I’m still in his life even when I’m not in his bed.

Alexander is not The Coach. Alexander is a cheap stand-in for The Coach. The Coach is who I want to see tonight after practice. Not Alexander.

Not Alexander.

And still – for a brief moment – I considered the offer.

I honestly did.


Accidentally Me said...

Do it!

No, actually don't do And if he persists, tell him that you got all weird about the whole idea, and the sex wasn't nearly good enough to justify that weirdness. That oughta shut him up:-)

MichiganMommy said...

Don't do it....keep your eyes on the coach. Who knows since you're not crazy about your job after you have your talk with the coach you could move to be with him...stay positive if he has kept in contact with you this long that is a good sign.

Mrs. Architect said...

I'm with AM. Shrug Alexander off with a "meh, wasn't good enough to have another go."

k said...

Ha - I love the "not good enough" comments! I agree - not worth it.

Teagan B. Sawyer said... not good enough!

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