Wednesday, March 14, 2012

'brarian problems

One of the biggest stressors in my life is my reading list.

Working in a library does not help this. Having a grandmother who was the proprietor of a bookstore does not help this. Having a best friend who is a voracious reader does not help this.

I was reading a book – fiction – and I walked by the shelf with the new nonfiction titles displayed on it and, oh, two of those looked really good. So I picked them up and I checked them out.

And then my mother came home from her vacation from California with the paperbacks that I had picked out for her. She handed them over to me and I took them home and they’re sitting on my nightstand and they are mocking me. MOCKING ME. Because I cannot get to them and they know. Those asshole paperbacks, they know.

Lucy’s mom read The Hunger Games and gave it to Lucy who read it, loved it and then gave me her copy. I gave it to my mom, who also enjoyed it, and when I reported this back to Lucy she said “now you have to read it! You have to! We’ll go on a date to see the movie with our moms!”

Which sounded great until she told me that the movie comes out last weekend.

Which means I really need to finish the book that I’m reading.

And that I should probably return one of those nonfiction books that I checked out.

And, immediately upon finishing The Hunger Games, I will have no choice but to dive into the title that the book club I’m leading is reading. Because it meets in just a couple of weeks. And it isn’t something that I’m particularly dying to read and therefore I have to force myself to read it and that probably means a slow plod through 292 (old and incredibly stinky) pages.

Oh, and a copy of The Art of Fielding just came back and I’ve been thinking about that book since last fall so obviously I snatched it up and checked it out.

Next thing to check out: ulcer medication.

You can’t possibly expect me to deal with this pressure without pharmaceuticals.


Teagan B. Sawyer said...

haha love your 'brian problems'...ummm I hate to break it to you but you'll probably want/need to read the second book in the series after the Hunger Games. Just trying to give a heads up.

From the girl who may have a ringtone that is featured in The Hunger Games trailer...just saying.

Accidentally Me said...

Drop whatever you are reading and read The Hunger will love it, it reads quickly and then you will be ready for the movie.

I am almost ashamed to admit how excited I am for the movie:-) And were my kids born this April? There is at least some chance that one of them would be named Katniss!

A said...

Ahhh! You guys! You're stressing me out!

The plan is to finish the memoir I'm reading tonight (or tomorrow during the day at the very latest) and knock out The Hunger Games by the middle of next week.

But I am not allowed to love it too much because I absolutely do not have time to read the second book.

I'm sort of expecting to be disappointed, to be honest. I have failed to be captured by the young adult novel phenomenon a few times now.

Kari said...

I think you should start posting a weekly list of recommended reads (not ones that you have necessarily read, but ones that you think will be good). My library card will thank you.

A said...

I think that I could probably do that, Kari. Anything for your library card! :)

Mrs. Architect said...

Hunger Games did NOT appeal to me AT ALL. Even more so after all the hype. I really thought it would be a "meh" book like I thought the Twilight series was. At first, I was taken back by how "young adult" it was. The concept seemed to disturbing for it to be so "young" and an easy/fast read.

But I must say, I DID really enjoy it and I can't wait to see the movie.

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