Sunday, February 05, 2012

Cradle robbing

Those of you who have been reading the blog for a short eternity may remember Alexander. He's the coach of my hockey team and the son of one of my teammates; I tried to hook him up with Meg a few years ago.

It didn't work out. But it didn't end horribly - thank goodness, because I have to see him on a regular basis - and I found Meg another guy.

My hockey team played in a tournament in Canada this weekend. We had an early game on Saturday morning; most of the team stayed in a hotel on Friday night. I didn't. Neither did Alexander.

Somehow, his mom thought I volunteered to drive to Canada with him. (I can't remember volunteering this but, whatever. I'm cool with it.)

And that rolled into 14 hours with Alexander. From our commute to Canada to our game to team breakfast. To the two of us getting really drunk in the middle of the afternoon as we killed time between our games. To watching Meg's team play. To our second game. To dinner with my parents. And back to America.

And then today. We drove together again.

He's a nice kid. I've never spent any time alone with him, but I like his personality. We had a pretty decent time.

And there were times - a lot of times - when I was like "OMG, he's going to kiss me. Shit. Oh fuck. He's going to kiss me."

But it was just a few ass slaps and leg grabs and an almost hug.

I like the kid. I do. But he's a coach but he's not The Coach. He's a distraction. Someone to flirt with. A potential friend.

And here's the part when I mention that he's 24.

Yeah. You read that right. 24.

And also I just agreed to show up at the bar and watch the Super Bowl with him.


k said...

I am all about distractions these days. The plus of him being such a youngin' is that it is likely not to go far - thus the best type of distraction. I say keep flirting sister!

Kari said...

I hope you had fun!!! And does age really matter :)

Accidentally Me said...

I can not adequately express to you how ecstatic I would be if you told me today that you hooked up with him last night. And seriously, Aly, this is already shaping up into a rough week...and that would make it SO VERY MUCH BETTER.

Please, please, pretty please...

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