Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wishing away days

I was tending to my calendar this afternoon.

My calendar demands constant attention. I’m forever deleting out cancelled hockey games and adjusting the weekends that I’m scheduled to work and combing through the month to find a free evening where I can get together and gossip about my former coworkers with Maria.

Today, my attention was on February. I plugged in my work schedule – fresh from the hands of my boss – and I marveled at what a busy month it would be. Birthdays and hockey tournaments and soccer every Sunday night.

Februaries are like that for me. Short months packed so tight that they seem even shorter.

(If I can pull off a minor miracle, I would like to make February even more hectic/go by even faster with a three-day weekend turned into a quick visit to see The Coach and cheer on his team in a big game. But this would require both an invitation and possibly an intervention by the gods of air travel and I am counting on neither but, goodness, it's nice to dream.)

Looking ahead at next month – filled with colors and notes and obligations – was a relief.

I’m not sure that I should do it. Wishing away the days, I mean.

But I do.

And I have. Regularly. Since August – with the exception of three weeks in December when time could have passed slowly for once (but didn't, of course) – I have.

This February will pass quickly. The days will drop off effortlessly, I expect, and I will be left staring at March and the bitter, bitter end of The Coach’s season.

And I’ll have made it through.


k said...

is he coming back to MI at the end of the season?

i'd drop a hint about coming to visit. make up some excuse about having a free flight :)

A said...

Yes, he'll spend the spring/summer here -- 3 or 4 months. Glorious.

We haven't talked details (and he probably hasn't figured it out anyway) as to when, exactly, he'll come back when his season is over (which is TBD based on his team's performance). Typically he's only stayed a few days, got things wrapped up, and headed back. We'll see.

Mrs. Architect said...

EEK! SO excited he'll be home for SO long!! It will be here before you know it!!

I'm counting down until my brother is done with boot came so I can TALK to him!!! Like you, I'm so glad Feb is a short month!!

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