Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday thoughts

Apologies to my hockey team, who will be suffering as a result of an unfortunate phenomenon in my life: everyone is on a diet. Everyone is on a diet and I saw this brownie recipe that I absolutely cannot get out of my head and sorry, teammates, but I’m bringing brownies to our game tonight. DEAL WITH IT.


Meg is going to South Carolina this weekend. Why is Meg going to South Carolina? Her wedding date. Remember him? He’s still around.

Around as in still in her life not around as in local because clearly he is not.

She’s been to South Carolina to visit him once. He came home for Thanksgiving and again for Christmas which (according to his cousin/my friend Maria) is a big deal because he usually only makes the trip for one of the holidays.

Here’s another big deal: he told Meg that his plan is to move back to our fair state by the end of 2012.


He’s a really nice kid. I saw him at Christmas and he’s just laidback and fun and didn’t seem to give two shits about walking into a house filled with our extended family on Christmas Eve. He hasn’t pulled any shady shenanigans – not that I’ve heard of, anyway – and Meg seems really happy. A+ for you, Wedding Date.

My grandma is predicting that Wedding Date will be the man who Meg marries. Because he seems malleable. That’s what she said. Malleable. I don’t think she meant it in an offensive way even though that word is kind of ugly, right? Maybe adaptable would be a better adjective, Grandma.

It’s somewhat hilarious that she pinned this trait on him – malleable – as there is no question that her daughters all wear the pants in their marriages. And that my mother and Aunt Louise absolutely trained up their husbands to be exactly who they needed them to be.

So perhaps Meg will carry on that tradition. Only time will tell.


This ol’ blog has been boring lately, right?

If there’s something you’re interested in that I haven’t been writing about, speak up. I am officially soliciting suggestions to haul my ass out of this rut.


Here is a life tip: don’t drink 32 ounces of water within an hour of going to bed.


I continue to feel uncertain about my job. I like it. I often wonder if the pace is fast enough for me. And I also wonder if my habits, motivations and fondness for Twitter are keeping me from demanding more and more and more and making it a role that requires me to be a superstar and work at that faster pace. Like, maybe I'm the problem.

This is a great place and I’m honestly so, so lucky to be here as opposed to some small operation with three employees and no security and a perpetually shrinking budget. And still – despite this being a much bigger system – there isn’t a lot of room for me to move. In terms of moving up, that is. My boss isn’t going anywhere. Not for a very, very long time.

I look into Ph.D. programs on occasion. And the second master’s degree I would need to make the collegiate leap.

At this point, I’m not convinced that either would be the answer to my problem as opposed to a costly, time-consuming delay of the inevitable realization that working sucks and will always suck and no amount of education is going to cushion me from that unfortunate reality.

I do not like being an adult.


Accidentally Me said...

I have some ideas for content...but you have pretty consistently ignored them:-) So I will stop bothering you about it:-)

Anonymous said...

who? what? where? south carolina? why aren't you coming??

Mrs. Architect said...

You're blog ALWAYS rocks. One of my top top top favs. I'm finally getting back into blogging daily (or trying to), and hopeuflly very soon, the daily commenting will too. I still obsessively read and re-read, but I'm too lazy to comment on any computer or machine other than my home desktop.

Second, I hear ya on the job and going no where because others arent going anywhere anytime soon. And feeling too slow paced. But I'll be the first to admit I'm too spoiled and too comfortable to leave. The pay sucks but thats really my only complaint.

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