Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Roadtrip of Weirdness

My cousin Mara had her first baby at the beginning of November

She wasn’t in town for Thanksgiving or for Christmas. I hadn’t met the baby yet and I was feeling guilty. If I had popped out a kid, I think I would want Mara to come in town to meet the little darling, too.

I worked on Saturday, but due to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I had two free days to make a quick trip to Chicago. Emma didn’t have school yesterday, either, and she decided to come along.

Here is the roadtrip in a nutshell:

5 hours on Sunday: spent driving to Chicago, Emma talking nonstop the entire way. I purposely had us leave early on Sunday morning because I thought that she would sleep the majority of the trip. WRONG.

10 minutes on Sunday: spent at Tim Horton’s. Because Tim Horton’s is the best.

5 minutes on Sunday: spent knocking on the door to Aunt Louise and Uncle Ed’s house before we realized that they weren’t home, even though we were arriving at the exact time we said we would be arriving.

40 minutes on Sunday: spent on a time-killing walk from Aunt Louise and Uncle Ed’s house, down to the lake, along the lakeshore for a spell and then back to their house.

1 hour on Sunday: spent on a quick shopping trip with Aunt Louise to her favorite spice store and her favorite stationary store, where I purchased several adorable greeting cards including this gem that went in the mail to The Coach today (his weekend featured a significant accomplishment that deserved a fun card to celebrate):

90 minutes on Sunday: spent with Mara, her husband and the baby. Like, that’s all. That’s all we saw of them.

0 minutes on Sunday: spent holding the baby. Mara never asked either me or Emma if we wanted to hold her and, like, don’t you do that? Don’t you ask? I mean, she’s the mom and I’ll respect whatever it is that she wants but I wanted to be like “LET ME HOLD THAT BABY I DIDN’T DRIVE ALL THIS WAY TO JUST LOOK AT HER.” But I thought better of it because if she didn’t mind me holding the baby she’d ask if I wanted to, right?* (My parents went to see the baby last week and my mom came home and said at least a hundred times “Mara was so sweet, saying ‘did you want to hold her?’ and ‘did you want to feed her?’ all the time.”)

5 hours on Monday: spent driving home.

90 minutes on Monday: of our drive home spent with Emma sleeping and therefore not talking my ear off and, goodness, it was nice to be left alone with my thoughts and my satellite radio.

30 minutes on Monday: spent napping on the couch at Mom and Dad’s house, after which I woke up and was SO FIRED UP about sacrificing two days on the Roadtrip of Weirdness.

40 minutes on Monday: spent on the treadmill, running off all of the pent-up energy I had about the Roadtrip of Weirdness.

So, that was pretty much it. My 30 hour roadtrip to Chicago. Kind of a waste. Made me a little (more) insane. Would have had more fun spending the weekend in, say, Toronto with a couple of awesome bloggers. But making the trip to Chicago was the right thing to do and for that I am glad that I went.

*I just realized how not brave of me this was and I probably should have opened my mouth in order to preserve the integrity of my 2012 resolution but, um, well...I didn’t.


Kim said...

Yeah, if someone drives five hours to see a baby, that person gets a turn to hold the baby. That's weird that she didn't offer. And that it was a 90 minute visit. Seriously. It's not like it's a day old and ill or something...the baby is like three months old now. The whole "fragile new parent" thing should be gone. I'd be just as irritated as you are if not moreso.

Kim said...

more so...ugh...grammar.

Kari said...

I would have been pissed, but like you I wouldn't have said anything. Hello, whole reason to make the drive was so that you could get your fix of new baby smell that you only get from cuddling a new baby. If you just wanted to look at the baby you could have Skyped! By her second baby though she will be begging you to hold the baby!
Anyhow,what is January without a weekend of weirdness!

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