Thursday, January 05, 2012

The NYE I didn't know I wanted

So, that dress I was contemplating for New Year’s Eve?

I didn’t wear it.

It was per the request of my hostess for the evening, my forever charming and fun very best friend – Lucy.

We scrapped plans for dinner. Invited everyone over to her house for appetizers and a lack of pretense. And made a suggested dress code: sweats and other comfortable loungewear.

It was perfect.

Lucy and Chet went out that afternoon and bought an Xbox Kinect. We rang in 2012 in their living room, playing ridiculous dancing games and eating too much and, in my case, wearing the most perfect pair of yoga pants ever created and an adorable purple Adidas quarter zip and sparkly eyeshadow because, hell, it was still New Year’s Eve.

I thought that I wanted to spend New Year’s Eve with The Coach and his friends. I thought I wanted to toddle around in a pair of sky high heels, one arm linked in his and the other carrying one of my more fabulous handbags, smiling at inside jokes that I didn’t understand, attempting to forge a kinship with all of the girls in the group. I thought that was how I wanted to begin 2012.

But it wasn’t and I didn’t even know it. I wanted to begin 2012 in a room with people who love me and who know my quirks and my flaws and my accomplishments. I wanted to begin 2012 with people would do absolutely anything for me – including be my partner for some ridiculous dance video game regardless of being enormously pregnant – for absolutely any reason.

I didn’t know that it was what I wanted for my New Year’s Eve and it is what I got and I am so brilliantly lucky.

2012 will be a good year.

After all, I started it out in my favorite pair of yoga pants.


Sondra said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a good New Year's Eve, surrounded by the people who love you. And I think you're right: Yoga pants and sparkly eye shadow is definitely a great way to kick off a great year.
-Sondra (a.k.a. anonymous from a few posts back ;)...)

Sarah said...

You seem happy. I like it :)

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

LOVE this post. And I think sparkly eye shadow is the PERFECT accompaniment to your cute comfy outfit. How fun that sometimes things work out ...even when it isn't exactly how you initial think it should be.

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