Saturday, January 14, 2012

Big day, big honor

Yesterday was the brit milah for Lucy and Chet’s son.

I am not Jewish but I was raised in a community with a large Jewish population and two of my cousins have a Jewish father.

So, while I had never attended a brit before – and while I maybe kinda did a little bit of research beforehand just to make sure I wasn’t going to commit any huge faux pas by wearing black or bringing a gift – it wasn’t a huge mystery.

Lucy wasn’t raised Jewish, but she started the conversion process when she got pregnant. Chet isn’t particularly religious – I think I would describe him as more culturally Jewish than religiously so – but the covenant of circumcision is obviously important to him and to his family and to his religion. It was a special, proud day for Lucy and Chet and their families. I was so happy and so honored to attend. (And so thrilled to have another excuse to buy the baby more presents!)

It was a lovely event. Low key but celebratory and important. Quiet yet happy. Respectful yet fun.

The best part of the whole day might have been when Chet said – not to me, it was a snippet of a conversation that I overheard – how important it was to him and to Lucy that I was in attendance.

They are such a great couple. They are such a wonderful little family. I am so, so fortunate to be a part of their lives. Especially to the extent that I am. Where they want me at the hospital on the night of their son’s birth. And at the synagogue for his brit milah. It really is an honor beyond what I have words to express.

I marvel, sometimes, at how lucky I am. I had no business taking that advanced chemistry class in 10th grade and yet I did and it was over a Bunsen burner that I cemented a friendship that is so wonderful that I am not sure that I even deserve it.


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