Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yesterday's Mystery

The Great Mystery of Wednesday is now The Great Mystery of Thursday and Beyond.

Saw him after work last night.

Had such a lovely time that I completely forgot to ask about the question he randomly texted me.

Was too busy in the moment. Too busy to be nosey about that afternoon's text messages. Too busy to fuss over every insecurity I have been marinating in for the last week.

Not so busy that I failed to observe his behavior. More tender. More spontaneous. More of that person that we all let out when we're really comfortable. Fearless -quirks and faults and opinions.

I am almost afraid that I am seeing exactly what I want to see. I hate to get my hopes up. It seems that he genuinely heard that sliver of conversation that I initiated. That something made sense. That something rang true. That we knocked down a wall.

Or two.


Kari said...


doahleigh said...

This is such a roller coaster of emotion! I seriously feeling like I'm watching a movie, and I'm dying to know how it ends.

Anonymous said...

Eek! Good for you for bringing it up!

A said...

You feel like you're watching a movie?! HA! I feel like I'm in seventh grade.

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