Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sharing and Sugar Cookies

Whenever my friends who are fabulous and have moved far, far away from home come back for a visit, I'm always sympathetic to their crazy busy schedules. "Um, maybe we can meet for a super quick coffee after I'm done shopping with my mom and just before I go to my brother's surprise birthday party?"

I get it. You're only home for so long. Everyone wants to see you. I totally get it.

But I sort of forgot to take that into account when I was envisioning The Coach's three weeks at home. And never did I think for a second that he would have work to do, too. He does. He spent today recruiting.

And I spent my day -- oh, what the hell didn't I do? I might not have worked the last two days, but I wasn't just sitting around. Because, as you all know, it is physically impossible for me to sit down.

Today it was yoga. Christmas shopping. Some very serious experimentation with my freshly cut hair. The baking of a stupid huge quantity of sugar cookies for Saturday night's cookie decorating fiesta. (Which - without any further dicussion between us - Liz invited Emma to, saving me from drama/guilt/grief that I really, really didn't feel like dealing with.) In Liz's charming kitchen that has very poor lighting. (Truth: I feel like my mother when I bitch about a dim room.)

On the subject of sugar cookies: I used a recipe from Pinterest instead of using my mom's sugar cookie recipe and I feel SO GUILTY.


Kim said...

Pinterest is the bane of my existence lately. I've spent WAAAAAAY too much money at craft stores thanks to my membership at Pinterest. I'm pretty sure they're funded by Michael's or JoAnn's.

Heather said...

were the cookies good? were they easy? i can't master a sugar cookie. i've screwed up the dough log by pillsbury before. i have to master the sugar cookie, dammit.

A said...

Super good. Super easy. And you roll them out pretty thick so they're not hard to shovel up and get on the cookie sheet.

Not exactly a traditional sugar cookie but I likey: http://pinterest.com/pin/50665564527549417/

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