Thursday, December 29, 2011

Not a fashion blogger

On my way home from work last night, I brainstormed about what dress I could wear on New Year's Eve*.

And somehow, on the 10 minute drive between work and home, I mistake myself for a fashion blogger. A fashion blogger who doesn't have a full-length mirror, among other things. Like fashion sense.

What I also am lacking is any shame.

But I do have a self-timer on my camera. What could possibly go wrong?


So here is my attempt at a legitimate picture of the dress. I suppose you get a general idea of the shape.

And here is an unintentional (I swear) badonkadonk shot. Things you can see: zipper detail, the fabric (black wool, with metallic thread thingies) and a lot of ass.

And the front. If you're not too blinded by the white of my legs, check out my bracelet made of Aunt Marie's pearls. It is the only redeeming detail of this photo. (I cannot believe I am putting it on the internet.)

After a dozen pictures of this very, very high quality, I gave up.

What would have made sense: walking downstairs and asking Liz to take two quick pictures.

What I would have had trouble explaining: why I needed pictures of myself in a dress to post on the internet.

So, I did the next best thing. I grabbed my iPhone, marched into the bathroom and took more bad pictures.

Have I mentioned that I'm wearing my hair straight these days?

I had it blown out, actually, so it doesn't look exactly like that on a normal day. But close.

And there is a picture of the back of the dress in which you can see...nothing, really. Except those creme towels (which match the shower curtain) (both of which belong to Liz) that I really don't care for.

Back to the dress.

The point of this post was:
a. to prove what I nerd I really am. (Success? Success.)
b. to assure you all that I will not be morphing this into a fashion blog at any point in the near future
c. to gather your opinions on the dress.

So, the dress: too stuffy for New Year's Eve? (It's not like we're going to a hotel party where everyone else will be in sequins and I'll be in wool. And the length and the sparkles make it okay? Please confirm or deny.) What do I wear on my legs? (Black tights? Nylons? Bare legs that I generously slather in self-tanner for the next few days while hoping for a miracle?) Jewelry? Hair? A magical pop of color somewhere that isn't my legs? (I just can't do colored tights.)

I feel like it is possible to make this dress cute and New Year's Eve appropriate. And I am totally afraid that I'm going to do it wrong and look like I just left the library.

*Yep, I bitch about New Year's Eve and pick out a dress to wear all in the same day.


LLandL said...

holy wow, your hair looks amazeballs! also i am easily won over by any dress that is has pockets. so i say you've got a winner. but then again, i'm not a fashion blogger either :)

Kari said...

Love your hair!! It looks amazing!
I think the dress is perfect for NYE -- sequins would look odd on you. The length is right, just enough shimmer for NYE and it fits you perfectly.

Accidentally Me said...

I like it, too! I vote for black tights, unless you think that dresses it down too much.

And how about a really long, multi-strand pearl necklace? And something on your other wrist (a watch or a simple cuff)? The dress is plain enough to let you go a little nuts with the accessories if you want.

Oh, and massive, massive black sunglasses!!!

OK, I am getting a little bonkers here. Love the hair!

my life is brilliant said...

Love the dress AND the hair! The exposed zipper and the sparkly thread (and the pockets!) give the dress a fun, youthful look. The length is perfect.

I agree with Accidentally Me -- add some crazy accessories to really make it perfect. I think the long pearls would be great, or if you have some colorful earrings. Wear some fun eyeshadow.

And I think your legs are fine! They're not as pale as you think they are. You're fair-skinned, not a vampire! You know who else is fair-skinned (besides you and me)? Nicole Kidman. Anne Hathaway. Rachel McAdams. No one ever says anything about their pale legs!

You'll look awesome!

A said...

Well, hot damn. You guys are made of awesome.

And now I don't have to worry about looking too 'brarian on NYE. Now I can worry about other things. Like, for instance, EVERYTHING. Oh, thank goodness.

Time to dig through my accessories and see what I can find. Wheee! Being a girl is fun! (Sometimes.)

betsy in the ak-ron said...

you look fab!! accessories + nude legs= love. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the dress!! You look great in it!! Have fun!


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