Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Party time

I might be having weird feelings about babies.

But I am not having weird feelings about baby showers.

Current project: the obsessive downloading of songs with baby in the title.

On tap for the rest of the week:
  • the making of cream puffs with Grandma
  • grating cheese until my arms fall off
  • 93 trips to the grocery store
  • buying all of the baby goodies for our one and only game – a fun little number I like to call Guess How Much All of the Baby Shit in This Basket Costs
  • wrapping up favors
  • appeasing my mother’s every wish because the shower is at her house and she is the boss
  • creating clever signage so that I don’t have to tell 25 people where to put their gifts
  • and, most importantly: choosing a dress to wear so that I am the cutest hostess of all hostesses in the whole world.
I have Thursday and Friday off of work. Thank you, Veteran’s Day, for falling on such a convenient day. (And thank you, veterans, for serving our great country.)

I work on Saturday.

And Sunday is go time.

Hot damn, I do love me a party.


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