Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Moving week

I’m ready to be done with this move.

That’s all this week has been. Emotions and packing.

The packing is, well, it’s packing. It’s packing and packing and packing and packing and – I swear, you guys, my kitchen is teeny tiny and I cannot explain the boxes upon boxes that have come from that space. And my cupboards? Not even bare yet.

I dropped things off at Liz’s house yesterday and took a good look at the closet in my room. The closet is going to be a problem: it is half the size of my current closet.


Panic and the investment in some logical system for storing my clothes by season.

Panic and the investment in some logical system for storing my clothes by season and also an ingenious way to house all of my handbags.

But I do still think that this will be a good move for me. When I was at the house last night, Liz’s mom stopped in – just because – and one of Liz’s friends stopped by – again, just because – with her adorable daughter and, gosh, I forgot what being social on a random weeknight for no apparent reason felt like.

It felt really, really awesome.

And it felt like the first randomly social night of many. Liz’s house is perfect for sitting on the porch and laughing and drinking a glass of wine. Perfect for crowding around the kitchen table, gossiping and drinking coffee.

I’m thankful for the unexpected visitors at Liz’s house because it calmed me down. I am just filled with emotions this week and the feeling of calm? Not exactly prevalent.

My head and my heart are full of feelings and strangely devoid of words. I’ve backed myself into a corner that I can’t write my way out of and it is overwhelming. So many tears. I don’t even know what I’m crying about anymore.

What I’m not crying about is this move. This move which will be fine. Which will be more than fine. It will be good for me and good for my heart and good for my spirit and good for the mileage on my car. And maybe even good for my handbags, too. If I can find a place for them.


Heather said...

fwiw, i do believe there are over-door hook systems specifically made for storing a whole row of handbags. i couldn't tell you who makes them, just that i've seen them.

i made a huge use of a simple folding system and drawers; plus i got rid of a lot of clothes as my weight fluctuated. underbed totes helped for off-season shoe storage for me. you can get bed risers (about 4"high) at walmart now, too. i got those and that helped me cram more under the bed. as i "settle in" to having the whole apt instead of just my room, i'll get rid of them. but i have to say, i love the height they give the bed, but i loathe the college-dorm look.

Mrs. Architect said...

Try to think of all the fun that is going to come with living with Liz! Cooking dinners and then watching brain candy on tv together is going to be SO fun!

Ask Teagan for organization and maximizing storage in really small spaces. She ROCKS at it!!

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