Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Very Important Components to Success

In 13 days, I will be writing about how sore and miserable I am because, in 12 days, I am running my second half marathon.

When I ran the same half marathon last year, I ran a really decent race up until the last three or so miles, in which I totally tanked. It was a crash and burn of massive proportions, likely due to the fact that I hadn’t completed any training runs over 10 miles. This year, I have been better about squeezing in longer runs even though it is oftentimes the last bloody thing that I feel like doing.

Positive of longer runs: I am definitely more fit.

Negative of longer runs: the overuse injury that reared its ugly head after last fall’s half marathon is back with a vengeance.

I could barely make it through four miles yesterday.

(To be fair, I had cranked out quite the run the day before.)

Which does not leave me feeling awesome about the 13.1 miles I have to run on race day.

But I’m going to rest a lot and ice a lot and consult my personal physical therapist student (that would be my sister, Meg) a lot and do the very best that I can do and hope that it’s enough to get me across the finish line in 2:00 or less.

Since I will be doing a lot more thinking about running than actually running in the 11 days that lead up to my race, I have more time to focus on what is really important:
a. What I am going to wear
b. Crafting the perfect race playlist

While I have sufficient amounts of adorable workout clothes that I could choose from – but will probably buy something new anyway because that’s how I roll – I am struggling a little bit more with the playlist. In nearly every trip to the gym since last year, I have listened (and listened and listened and listened) to last year’s playlist. It is stale. It will not suffice. I have downloaded a bit here and there, but I’m nowhere near filling 2+ hours of what would otherwise be the sound of my own shortened breath.

Help me out here. Don’t hold out on me, you guys. What’s your favorite workout jam?

And, while we’re focusing on the most important components to my race success, I have another question: how should I do my hair?


Kim said...

So awesome! I did the 5k last year and for me that was a huge feat, especially considering the year I had. My brother was going to sign up to do the whole marathon, but by time he got his enhanced license they closed registration. Live and learn I guess.

Work out jams...check out Robyn, especially the Body Talk albums. Also, any 80s music used in a training or fixing things up montage works pretty well (see: Rocky IV, Footloose).

doahleigh said...

Music is a real problem when I run. I want it to take me away so I stop thinking about how miserable I am, but I haven't yet found the right jams to do that.

I'll be running the last leg of the relay that day. Maybe I'll see you in the massive crowds!

Heather said...

just a reminder: do not put your iPod in your bra again. this is how you ruined it last year, i think.

i have been slacking on the gym REALLY BAD, but i spent all of last month moving and packing boxes and moving my roommate out (now hiring: roommate! inquire within) and moving vintage furniture from my grandmother's IN, so i do not feel so bad. that said, i updated mine fairly recently. i'm a sucker for a good beat, so i listen to mostly pop/rap when i do cardio type things:

just about anything off britney's femme fatale album, but particularly:
-big fat bass
-up and down
-beautiful (drop dead)

other favorites:
more man than you'll ever be (aimee allen)
what's it all for (bazaar royale)
ring the alarm (beyonce)
put a ring on it (beyonce)
single ladies (beyonce)
ms. new booty (bubba sparxx)

(holy shit, i have a LOT of britney on here)

hustler's anthem '09 (busta rhymes f/tpain)
i can transform ya (chris brown)
show me how you burlesque (christina aguilera)
fighter (christina aguilera)
dirrty (christina aguilera)
work it (missy elliot)
party up (dmx)
comin' for ya (dmx)
ruff ryders anthem (dmx)

in stereo (fort minor)
you can do it (ice cube)

just about anything off the dirty dancing: havana nights soundtrack

on the floor (j-lo f/50 cent)
get naked (methods of mayhem)
revolution remix by mindless self intelligence (aimee allen)

5 minutes alone (pantera)
i'm broken (pantera)
a new level (pantera)

several tracks by pitbull...

bombtrack (rage against the machine)
killing in the name (rage against the machine)
take the power back (rage against the machine)
settle for nothing (rage against the machine)
bullet in the head (rage against the machine)
know your enemy (rage against the machine)
wake up (rage against the machine)
fistful of steel (rage against the machine)
township rebellion (rage against the machine)
freedom (rage against the machine)

swing (savage f/soulja boy)
wannabe (spice girls)
kick some ass (stroke 9)
baby got back (sir mix a lot)
carry out (timbaland f/jtimberlake)
in da club (50 cent)

... hopefully you find some of this helpful. i pulled some of it off the running list that Heather B at No Pasa Nada posted awhile back when i needed a refresh.

Heather said...

oh, also, the aimee allen stuff i listed isn't on itunes. but she has a website. i believe you can download a bunch of her old stuff there. she's very girl rock, with guitars and rocking and fun things. if you can't find her stuff online, contact me; i'll be happy to mail you a mix cd.

Susan said...

It's a little bit old school now (sooo last decade) but Green Day's American Idiot start to finish is a great workout album, and so I think it will be a great running album. It's got a few quiet lulls but overall drives it hard. Check it out. And good luck!

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