Monday, October 10, 2011

The typical Monday ramblefest

Fact: Monday really sneaks up on you when you work on Saturday and Sunday. And Friday, too.

On a normal week, I am scheduled to work on either Friday or Saturday. I work one Sunday per month, too.

And I still sub, occasionally, at my old ‘brary job. Last week happened to be a week in which I was scheduled for a Friday/Sunday weekend, which sandwiched a Saturday that I had committed to subbing for a few hours.

Plus I watched Meg coach her team in a game on Friday night.

Plus I had my family birthday party on Saturday night.

Plus I ate a piece of German chocolate cake, a piece of caramel apple pie and a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie at my family birthday party. (I am training for a half marathon, after all.)

Plus I spent the night at Mom and Dad’s on Saturday night because my cousins Emma and Paige were spending the night. And also because I was there very late on account of Emma locking her keys in her car, which resulted in me having to call a locksmith friend of mine and my mother suggesting that I trade my, um, goods for his locksmith services. (Not necessary.) (I gave him a slice of caramel apple pie instead.)

Plus I went to the rink to watch Meg play last night.

Plus I was a maniac about creating the invitations for Lucy’s shower – which I’m actually really, really pleased with – complete with matching wraparound address labels because I am totally neurotic. That whole process was a casualty of the time I spend on the internet gazing at pretty things. As the whole baby shower will be, obviously.

Plus I had a really, really great weekend with The Coach. Which is sort of a strange statement to make, I know, because he was (unfortunately) not here, so just trust me when I say that some weekends (and some weeks and some days and some hours) are just better than others.

Hectic nature of the weekend considered, I suppose I shouldn’t have been all that shocked that I never found time to blog. And that I didn’t read a single page of the book I’m trying to plow through for work. Or that it took me nearly two hours to get up and really get going this morning.

The next six weeks – culminating with turning in the keys to my apartment and movin’ in with cousin Liz – are going to be crazy insane busy. And I am crazy insane excited. I do better at this pace. Especially with The Coach being gone. Fill up my calendar. No time to sleep = no time to weep.


Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving is going to be here in no time!

I hope you had a great birthday! :)

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Totally agree with you. Busy is best. Look at you go :)

Kari said...

If you were in Canada, Thanksgiving would already be here:)!
I can't wait to hear details of the baby shower...I am sure it is going to be spectacular.
Hoping the move goes well!
What, you didn't mention watch the Wpg Jets game! All I can say is it is a good thing people had to commit for 5 years (Wpg fans are typically fair weather fans...)
Happy Thanksgiving:)

Thisisme said...

holy busy! It's that time of year again!! the busy train is never at the station. Always running people around!!

Keep calm and carry on (;

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