Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Spoiled Brat Birthday: v. 29

Yes, yes I am so classy that I must recap that gifts that I received for my recent birthday.

So, Lucy went completely over the top and bought me a fabulous white leather Kate Spade tote. This isn’t the exact tote – I think the image is from an earlier collection – but it is awfully close. It has these fantastic compartments that hold a paperback just perfectly. What’s not to like about that?

My father has recently discovered that he works just a few minutes from Tiffany’s. He has also recently discovered that he, despite being a man, is fully capable of purchasing gifts for other people. (Up until the disaster that was his life last fall, my mom bought each and every gift with the exception of gifts for her, which Meg and I always picked out.)

As a result, I got this bracelet that matches the earrings that I got from Grandma for Christmas. Lovely.

Meg bought me this shirt. I really wanted it because I find it really, really funny.

It is a play on the other Ann Arbor shirts. The Ann Arbor shirts that are not really, really funny and aren’t worn by people who like Ann Arbor. (Jerks.)

Meggles also got me this Puma jersey. Probably because she couldn’t justify buying it for herself. It reminds us of our trip to Africa, and that makes us happy. It’s supposed to represent the red dirt that African soccer players get on their jerseys and shorts – so unlike the highly manicured fields that teams from other countries play on. It isn’t something that I’ll really ever wear, but I love it nonetheless.

And finally, new bedding. So excited about my new bedding. Fancy new bedding for my fancy new bedroom in my fancy new house that I’m sharing with my fancy cousin Liz. Pretty excited to upgrade from my current bedroom d├ęcor (which is just juvenile enough to irritate me) right as I’m moving in with Liz – so I can get everything all cute and adorable all at once.

I am now on the lookout for the perfect grey throw pillows. And a bed skirt. And some sort of an alternative to a headboard because I really hate the one that I have. And some sort of magical storage that lets me cram all of my crap into my room at Liz’s house without it looking like a cluttered dorm room inhabited by a hoarder in training. And new bookshelves. And time. A significant amount of otherwise unoccupied time that will allow me to make a seamless transition from my apartment to Liz’s house while also throwing Lucy a baby shower and playing hockey and watching new episodes of Gossip Girl.


Kim said...

OH MY GOD! I am so jealous of that purse. KATE SPADE! Ahhhhh!!

Mrs. Architect said...

I got those earings for my birthday and can't wait for the day! :)

Love it all! SO glad someone as fabulous as yourself gets spoiled like this! And dont think of it as bragging about being spoiled with such fabulous presents...think of it as giving us readers ideas for our bday/xmas lists!! :)

doahleigh said...

I'm so jealous you still get great gifts at 29. I don't really get anything anymore. Lucky you!

Kari said...

Love the prezzies! You are not a spoiled brat. This is going to be a great year for ya!

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Those are all amazing gifts! And for an amazing girl so it fits perfect. Happy belated birthday.

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