Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Same ol' study skills

I was selected to represent my building in this committee that is doing a pretty cool thing.

I know that’s vague.


In addition to being cool, it involves the entire community. The committee consists of a bunch of community representatives who come from a variety of backgrounds, and we’re making some decisions on some things.

Pretty sure that’s still vague.


Part of my involvement in the committee is reading three books. Big f’ing deal, right? Right. I had six weeks to read them, dating back to early September when I picked up the three paperbacks at one of our committee meetings.

At the time I received the books, I was in the middle of reading something else and I decided that I would finish the something else and then start on the books because I am not a person who enjoys reading multiple books at a time.

And now I definitely need to be through these books in 10 days and – it’s true, you guys – I’m halfway through the first one.

I don’t like being told what to read.

And then I don’t read it. Or I do, but it is just the slogging, painful read of my undergraduate years. Where I can be distracted by anything and everything and no excuse is too pathetic to keep me from reading.

Now I have 10 days to read three books. Well, two and a half books. Which wouldn’t be a problem if they were two and a half books that I wanted to read but, as we know, they really aren’t and WHY HAVE I NOT LEARNED?

Seriously. Now that I have, like, aged 10 years and finished graduate school and held several Big Girl Jobs, you think that I would be a little smarter than I was when I was 19 and suffering through English 229. And you would be wrong.


k said...

what books are they?

and boo to no coach visit on turkey day. when you are going to visit him...

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