Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I just got to work and, when I got to my desk, I unzipped my tote bag and I noticed a very big gaping hole where my lunch bag usually sits.

I flew into a fit of rage, beyond pissed at myself for forgetting my lunch at home. A lunch, mind you, packed so at the very last minute that it threatened to make me late. (Because I had to stuff my morning off with the last few chapters of the book I’m reading for work, a trip to the gym, a run to the grocery store, the beginnings of a pot of soup and at least 20 minutes scrolling through Pinterest in a dreamlike state.)

The worst part about forgetting my lunch, I immediately determined, was that there is nowhere nearby where I can grab something that is both fast – I only have 30 minutes for lunch and I often don’t even take that – and edible.

Which made me even more pissed.

And then I remembered that I stopped in the lunch room on my way to my office, tucking my lunch safely away in the refrigerator before skipping off to work.

Which is pretty much illustrative of how my entire life is these days. PANIC! followed by the realization that I am freaking out for absolutely no reason. Again.


Thisisme said...

glad you actually had it.
that would have been B.A.D!

doahleigh said...

First, this story reminds me so much of myself lately. And second, nice use of "illustrative."

kari said...

I do this all the time -- Ahhh I left my Ipod at the gym...oh wait, I am listening to it! Ahh I forgot to send someone at work an important document...wait, they are reading it!

Mrs. Architect said...

I do stuff like this ALL the time! I make myself late because I can't find my phone. I scour the house up and down and STILL can't find, I'm holding it. Doh.

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