Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Infinite possibility

I picked up boxes from Liz on my way home from work on Monday.

(Unrelated: it took me a mere 15 minutes to get from my office to Liz's driveway. I am so excited about the shortened commute.)

Last night, after tackling the treadmill for an hour, I started packing. At this early stage in my move, I'm just boxing up the things that I can live without for the next three weeks.

And those items are largely the same items that I'll be storing in Liz's basement. She has a house full of all of the essentials. We won't need two rolling pins. We won't even need two blenders. (Unless we throw a margarita party. We should have a margarita party, right?)

So what I'm packing, I'm packing for the long haul. I'm packing up items that will stay in storage until -- well, I have no idea. Until they're no longer in storage.

Until I need them.

It's sort of fun, packing up these boxes with no clue as to when they'll be unpacked. Under what circumstances they'll be unpacked.

I don't know how long I will live with Liz. I don't know why I'll move out.

Liz could kick me out. I could be buying a house of my own. I could be relocating for a job. I could be moving in with a boy. I might just be sick of living with a roommate. Circumstances could be such that I am going to live with Mom and Dad. How can you know? How can you possibly know?

It's a fun part of life -- the infinite possibility that stretches before you. The unknown.

I like the taste of the endless possibilities. But I also wouldn't mind a little glimpse into the future.

Any psychics in the audience?


Mrs. Architect said...

This sounds EXACTLY like me two years ago! TO A TEE!!! When I moved back in with my roomie, I packed up all non-essentials and stored them for a time which I had no clue how long.

Then, *only* a year later, I got my own place, which made unpacking like Christmas! And then (cough) two months (cough) later, I broke my lease, moved in with The Architect and the rest is history!

But man, when I moved back in with my roomie, I HAD NO CLUE what my future held. I often times wonder if it would be good to know, or best not to.

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