Monday, October 31, 2011


I made my grand return to the soccer field last night.

Playing illegally on an over-30 team. The same over-30 team that I've been playing illegally with for a few years.

(The over-30 team that I am alarmingly close to being age-eligible to play on. OH THE HORROR.)

It was all just very standard soccer, albeit at a lower skill level than I would prefer.

Until the second half, when I got this beauty:

Look closely. Can you see the y-shaped imprint of the ball's seams?

I got DRILLED by the ball when standing maybe a foot away from the girl who kicked it.

It doesn't hurt. And just a bit of a sting when it happened. But how can you not fully appreciate having a soccer ball tattooed on the inside of your knee?

And, on a side note, do my legs not look like the skin of a plucked chicken? Gross.


k said...

ha ha - battle scars! that is how i broke my arm, got drilled by the ball at close range.

my own battle scar... turf burn on my knee. i would like to say that someone tripped me, or was even standing in close proximity to me. But no, I just tripped over the ball and went flying through the air. soccer is not my strong suit.

Mrs. Architect said...

Um, OWW!!!

Thisisme said...

haha, I'm oddly obsessed with battle scars. This one is a list topper for sure!

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Ouch ouch first thought...this is why I don't play sports with balls...then I realize sometimes I need a filter before what I say starts to sound like a line from Clueless. You are tough because that looks painful.

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