Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A family affair

My mom and dad were always, always extremely supportive of my athletic endeavors. They supported Meg’s athletics with just as much enthusiasm. And then we graduated and they were over it.

When I finished playing high school soccer, they were through with watching me on the soccer pitch. When Meg dropped out of soccer after a year of playing in college, they were officially no longer soccer parents. When she finished college hockey, they were done with sitting in cold rinks.

We both still play soccer – on the same team – but we can rarely cajole them to our games. We’re both playing hockey and just believe me when I say that they aren’t champing at the bit to get to those games, either.

They’re pretty much over it. And I don’t blame them.

We both still ask, though. We invite them to watch us – together! United as sisters! – play soccer. And we invite them to our hockey games, too, but it’s much more likely that I’ll go to Meg’s game or she’ll go to mine than for either of our parents to show up at either of our games. And it’s perfectly fine. They put in their time as sports parents. And we don’t need an audience.

But we might still like one.


Now, I would never expect my parents to come and watch our half marathon this weekend. It starts at 7:00 am. And what are they going to do? Stand on the side of the road for hours waiting to see us for 15 seconds? It sounds fun, right?

Wait. Maybe it does sound fun.

What if, the day before the race, you have lunch at your favorite restaurant? And then you check in to a posh downtown hotel. Maybe head down to the bar to watch the UM/MSU game (Go Blue!). Dinner reservations at one of the city's best restaurants at 7:45 pm.

And then, the next morning, all you have to do is roll out of bed and out on to the streets to watch your girls run.

Maybe meet them at the finish line. Maybe head back to your hotel and get another hour of sleep. Meet your girls back at your room, where they’ll shower (and bitch about how sore/tired they are) before you all head off to a fancy-schmancy brunch.

Combine it with the hotel and the dinner and the getaway aspect and watching a half marathon doesn’t sound half bad, does it?

That’s how I sold it to my mom, anyway, before booking the room and making the reservations. She gave the weekend to my dad as a birthday present.

And that’s how I tricked those suckers into watching me and Meg run the half marathon.

My birthday gift to my father will be a poster board and a marker. If he’s going to watch, he might as well make us a sign, too.


Teagan B. Sawyer said...

hahaha love it...very sneaky ;) can't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! Sneaky girl!

k said...

aww so cute! i remember when i ran my first half, i got all teary-eyed when i saw a girl in front of me get all excited to see her parents on the course (it was mile 12, i was a bit emotional).

good luck!!

Kari said...

your dad is going to love this! Have fun running!

doahleigh said...

Can you ask him to add GO SHANNON! to the sign? I need a little encouragement for my measly 4.4 miles. Maybe it should be something more like "Shannon you can do this. I know you're miserable, but when it's done you'll be glad you ran. Now pick up those feet, stopping bitching and RUN!"

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