Saturday, October 15, 2011

Carbs, Pumas, Live Stats and This Girl

Who has her bib number and race packet? This girl. Meg and I met in the afternoon (she didn’t have school, I didn’t have work) and made the trip downtown to pick up our race essentials. We also stopped at the hospital to pick up the disc of the ultrasound Meggie had on her collar bone earlier this week. Which was interesting. Being at a hospital right in the heart of the D. Very, very interesting.

Who is fashionably wearing black Pumas with her dress pants at work today? This girl. I will be the first to admit that it is a very, very attractive look. A look that I would avoid at all costs, except on the eve of a half marathon when all I want is a pair of fresh legs to run on in the morning.

Who is carb loading in preparation for her race tomorrow? This girl. How is this different from how I eat any other day? It’s not.

Who thinks that The Coach is the coolest dude around? This girl. The good weekend we had rolled into a good week and is rolling into another good weekend.

Who is totally, totally bummed because The Coach can’t come home for Thanksgiving? This girl. Enough said. I’d be hopping on a plane sometime in the next month if there was any way that I could, but my work schedule has already been set for November and I don’t feel established enough to beg for an amendment. Plus, I have a baby shower to throw, a move to make and a 10k to run. I’m just hoping the month goes by quickly. He’ll be back pretty early in December and it sucks but that’s just how it has to be.

Who is working instead of watching the UM/MSU football game but should be watching the UM/MSU football game? This girl. This girl should be on a couch – or maybe a barstool – somewhere, nervously cheering for her Wolverines while dressed from head to toe in maize and blue. And this girl should smarten up and start requesting really important game days off. Unprofessional? Please. What would you call obsessively checking the live stats all afternoon?

That’s what I thought.

And this working business is for the birds. I plan to give it up the minute David Beckham and I are married.


Kari said...

Good luck tomorrow. Sorry to hear that the coach will be MIA for thanskgiving...Dec will be here soon.

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