Sunday, October 02, 2011


I started the day with an adorable miniature cake from my adorable miniature grandmother.

I finished the day with peanut butter mousse and banana ice cream, served with caramel sauce and salted roasted peanuts.

In between, I watched football. I did laundry. I opened presents and did a bit of planning for Lucy's baby shower and talked to The Coach and smiled at each phone call and text message and Facebook post that came in. I went for a run. I cuddled with my favorite dogs. And spent time with my favorite people. All while being shocked - genuinely shocked - by my advancing age. 29! How did this happen?


k said...

happy happy birthday!

Susan said...

happy birthday! and 29 will be awesome.

Kari said...

Sounds like a wonderful day.
Enjoy your birthday holiday!

Mrs. Architect said...

Happy Birthday sweet [blogger] friend! Enjoy your last year of your 20's! I gotta warn ya...30's are WAY better. In SO many ways!

as Always said...

Happy Birthday!

Bill Robertson said...

not to cause worry or concern but you know, of course, that turning 29 means you have completed your 29th year and are beginning your 30th.

happy birthday!

bill robertson

Kim said...

Happy belated birthday! That little cake is adorable!

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