Thursday, September 15, 2011

You want a rambling, nonsensical update?

Yes, you do.

I neglected to tell you about my cousin Mara’s baby shower. Well, I’m not really sure I would call it a baby shower. It was more of a We’re Having a Kid! cocktail party in which gifts were brought but not opened. To describe it in one word: extravagant. Not that I’m surprised – that’s how her family does everything – but also I accidentally saw the bill and my eyes are still burning. (Later I accidentally told my mom what I accidentally saw on the bill.)

The baby shower/We’re Having a Kid! cocktail party was held at THE EXACT SAME TIME as the UM/Notre Dame football game. I am happy to report that:
a. the baby shower/We’re Having a Kid! cocktail party was held in a room that was mere steps from the restaurant’s bar and, as we did not need to witness the opening of any gifts or participate in any shower games, sneaking to catch updates of the game was quite painless.

Quote of the weekend: “I’m always impressed with men’s asses. I am always impressed with them. Not really with the big pecs or shoulders, but when they have muscular asses, I am always impressed.” –My Grandma the Troll

Training for next month’s half-marathon is going surprisingly well and I expect to suffer an injury any day now.

I had my first caramel apple of the fall! Okay, okay. I had my first two caramel apples of the fall. They were equally delicious.

I quieted my inner bitch and resisting holding a grudge against The Bully after our little disagreement on Monday. I apparently played my cards well because she came to work on Tuesday morning and started stroking my back (I nearly vomited) and telling me how sorry she was about what happened. Reports from my predecessor suggest that The Bully never once apologized to her.

I feel like I have a lot to write about but, when I sit down to write it just all comes out so bland and so boring. Consider this my official appeal for suggestions, otherwise you'll have 1,500 words on my housing situation sitting in your Google Reader. Maybe a few paragraphs on the weather, if we play our cards right. And my fantasy football team. Definitely post upon post about my fantasy football team.

Remember that care package I mailed a few weeks ago? It was received. It was appreciated. I picked out the perfect book for The Coach.

Of course I did.

I am a professional.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I have a suggestion. What happened when The Coach left? What was goodbye like and will you be getting some when he comes home for Tgiving?

You said you were open to suggestions.


Accidentally Me said...

I have a about you tell us all about the fun you are having with Match? You, of course, signed up weeks ago when you were supposed to;-)

Kari said...

Next big trip?
Maybe we could sign you up with match...if say you haven't had time to do so...I'm sure AM would be able to come up with an excellent profile...

doahleigh said...

I feel like we need more Coach updates. You're clearly still in contact if you're sending gifts. But what exactly is going on? Your people are dying to know! (At least I am...)

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