Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yay family time

I will be the first to admit that I'm abnormally close to my family but even for someone like me -- three weeks shy of 29 and still haven't cut the umbilical cord -- there comes a time when you probably should stop going on roadtrips with your family.

And that time is now.

We haven't taken a roadtrip together - just the four of us - in a very long time. We haven't taken any sort of a trip together, actually.

Maybe that's why it seemed so painful. I didn't remember what it was like. I got soft.

I had forgotten how awesome it was to be trapped in a moving vehicle together, just the four of us. With my dad signing along to annoying music. And taking at least 40 minutes to stop after one of us proclaimed that we needed to pee. And my mother, trying to be fun and funny and failing miserably and starting over again. And the food choices. Oh, the food choices. Just because Meg said one time that she likes Culver's doesn't mean that we actually have to go there multiple times. Some of us like food that is not fried or on a bun. And if I say that I don't want ice cream it's probably because I really don't want it, so please don't ask a second time or offer me a bite of yours 11 times. And you know how, like, since the time I learned to read I would get so engrossed in a book that I would completely tune out what was happening around me? I actually like that, but you have to not interrupt me for at least five minutes for me to get into the zone. It's sort of like how you don't wake up someone when they're going to sleep.

(Special props to Uncle Ed, who booked us two hotel rooms instead of cramming us in one room. Because I would be bitching about The Snoring Twins, too.)

Also, I think that I am developing (or just beginning to notice that I have) a touch of anxiety. That has to be what this is. That horrible tight feeling that sits right in my chest, while tears dance in my eyes and my fists clench and unclench and my teeth grind and every muscle - and my stomach - is painfully knotted.

This weekend definitely isn't the first time that I've felt anxious.

But I certainly did.

When I was trapped. Trapped in the car. For hours. (Five, technically. But it felt like at least 11.)

Next time I'm bringing booze.


Thisisme said...

I love family everything until I'm 5minutes in.

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