Monday, September 05, 2011

Weekend Update

I have spent the holiday weekend reading.

Not exclusively. But that's mostly what I've done. Curled up on the couch with a book on my lap. And I'm okay with that. Everyone, it seems, has vacated the southeastern portion of our fair state for their quiet, peaceful cottages to the north. But I'm here. Not feeling terribly social anyway.

I did make it to Baby GAP to buy an outfit for Lucy and Chet's baby. He was officially proclaimed a he last week, and I just needed to purchase a little something to mark the occasion.

Meg and I went for a run on Saturday which was quite surreal. It is exactly what we did on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend last year. And then I came home to find evidence that confirmed that my dad was cheating on my mom. And then I told Meg. And to go on that run with her on Saturday brought that all back to me very, very vividly. Note to self: switch things up a bit next year.

We had a family party yesterday, which was a lovely distraction. I adore spending time with my cousins; I am so lucky to be so close with all of them. At the end of the party last night, I was sitting on the deck wrapped in a beach towel for warmth with my mom and my sister and my aunts Annette and Lynn and cousins Liz and Danielle (all of whom were wrapped in blankets and towels and huddled close together - it was brisk but not cold) and it was so quiet outside and it felt so close to absolute perfection.

Thursday, I bitched about my job. On Friday morning, I saw a posting for a job that interested me and that I thought I would be rather good at. And happened to be where The Coach is living. I saw it on a website and, not an hour later, the same posting was in my inbox. And a few hours after that, it was emailed to me a second time. The emails came in the midst of an especially annoying day at work. It piqued my interest.

Meg and I are going on a 10 mile run today.

Next weekend will be spent in Chicago.

I haven't felt like myself lately.

I'm likely moving in with my cousin Liz; probably in December.

And I think it is about time for me to get back to my book.


Anonymous said...

I think the trip to Chicago is a great idea! This time of year, there is nowhere else I'd rather be. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Are you on If you are - we should be friends!
~Crystal (aka MK)

A said...

You know what, I'm not on goodreads. Although, I really have no excuse except that I don't want another place to have to update my life on the 'net. But I know lots of people who like it... Is it worth it?

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about too many updates to the interwebs. I am beyond my limit of social networking sites where I track information about my life. (It took me three months to sign into Pinterest.)

But I do like it. I like being able to have a place to catalog what I read and if I liked it. (I have a tendency to forget after a few years with so-so books if I've even read them.) And I like to see what a few of my friend who have good book taste have read & enjoyed.

I only login/update it every few months. Mostly when I finish a pile of books or I am looking for what to read next.

So the shorter answer is - it's not a must-join site because there are tons of other ways to track your books to read/already read/recommendations but even with social networking overload I am happy I am on it.

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