Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New surroundings

I’m moving in with my cousin Liz.

Her house is done. And fifteen minutes from my new job. And it has a room for me and a bathroom for me and her laundry room is upstairs. I won’t have to haul my laundry up and down the stairs. Hell yes, new construction geniusness.

Living where I live and commuting as much as I commute is silly. Renting elsewhere when I could stay with Liz – who, I’m sure, will appreciate the extra money – seems silly, too.

The lease on my apartment isn’t technically up until April, but someone wants to move in to my unit so I’m getting out (in mid-November) without paying a penalty which is HUGE. And moving before the weather gets completely snowalicious and craptastic and I spend 2 hours tackling my 35 minute commute, which is also HUGE. And I’ll obviously be spending less cash money on gas and living expenses. HUGE. And, as Liz moves in next week, I don’t have to make the move all in one painful weekend. HUGE.

I’m a little nervous about living with a roommate again. Especially a roommate who I adore like I adore Liz. I don’t want drama. And I definitely don’t want to compromise our friendship/cousinship. We managed to get along swimmingly in Switzerland and Italy – and travel always brings out the worst, right? – so I do not doubt that we will get along the vast majority of the time. But I fear that big blowout fight. Especially because I will certainly be the housemate with less power (you know, not owning the house and all).

And – this is ridiculous, but I am sort of ridiculous – I am totally bummed about how much of my stuff will be boxed up and packed away. My dishes and my stand mixer and my furniture and my décor – all of those things are me. And maybe we’ll find room for some of my things, but Liz has been planning out the interior of her house since the builders broke ground. It’s her house – she’s so excited about it and she should obviously decorate it how she wants to decorate it.

Overall, I think that it will be good for me. I’m not playing soccer at the moment, Colleen has disappeared off of the face of the earth, Lucy is pregnant and I’ve been pretty consistently and pretty overwhelmingly bummed out – those factors don’t lead to much of a social life. Liz – who is a few months older than me – is a lot more outgoing and more social than I am; I’m not planning on riding her coattails to the bar every weekend, but getting out on occasion would be normal and healthy.

I’m also jazzed up about the lack of a lease or any formal agreement tying me to Liz’s house for any set amount of time. When I decide I’m ready to buy a house, I can buy it. If I land a job that requires relocation, I can take it. It’s one less thing holding me back. And, right now, I am thriving on those mere possibilities – that maybe things are going to get better in ways that I do not expect and cannot anticipate. That maybe new surroundings are just the beginning of it.


Kim said...

I think this situation will be a great one for you. Plus, driving in Michigan in the winter on a long commute is for the birds. So that's one less thing to struggle with, right?

k said...

likey likey!

Thisisme said...

This sounds awesome!! minus the stuff being stored part! but it will wait safely for you to put it into your own future home! (;

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

How exciting!!! This sound awesome and super fun. I can tell you there are times living alone I've wished for roommate. Can't wait to hear how it goes. And one of my good friend's always says ...hey nothings permanent if you don't like it easy to change :) Good luck.

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