Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I was in Zurich (5 months ago)

I am totally kicking myself for not blogging about my trip to Switzerland and Italy when it was all fresh in my mind. You totally think that you’re going to remember every detail from every day and then you come home and life gets in the way and with every day that passes, the memories get a little less vivid.

But I do have pictures. Pictures that I’ve been meaning to share since May.

My cousin Liz was working in Lausanne, but I flew in and out of Zurich. It seemed like a good idea at the time: I would arrive in Zurich, spend part of the day getting to see the city and then hop on a train to Lausanne.

I failed to take into account my general exhaustion, having to find a suitcase locker, my complete ignorance of the German language and how much I would want to take a shower. Oh, and also the ridiculous blister that I developed on my heel before I even left Detroit that was such a pain that I paid approximately $21 for special blister band aids in the airport in Amsterdam because I was so bloody desperate for relief.

Anyway. Zurich. I spent a lot of time in Zurich searching for wifi so that I could email my mother and tell her that I had arrived safely and was, indeed, alive. (She’s always curious about that, being my mother and all.)

Other than that, I took myself on a little walking tour from a guide that I had found online. I wandered into the Fraum√ľnster abbey, which has the most breathtakingly gorgeous stained glass windows that were designed by artist Marc Chagall. I sat in the pews and looked at the stained glass for a long, long time – thinking about Aunt Marie, who would have been so taken by both the beauty and the spirit of Fraum√ľnster, and wiping away tears.

In my wanderings, I stumbled upon St. Peter Church of Zurich. The tower of St. Peter's Church is home to Europe's largest clock face and also happens to be a really great monument to navigate by, as my general exhaustion did not lead well to the effective use of navigational devices such as, you know, maps. Or common sense.

You may recall the circumstances under which I left for Switzerland: The Coach had recently come into the picture, I had quit my job and was on the verge of starting a new one and I was working really, really hard just to keep up with the pace of life. I didn’t get to plan out my day in Zurich (or the rest of my trip) as I would have liked. I’m sure I missed things that I would have liked to have seen. I’m sure I could have toured the city more efficiently. But, as it turned out, wandering with no expectations and no itinerary isn’t all that bad, either.


k said...

i waiver between wanting to always have a plan so i don't miss anything and just wandering. lately i've been taking the wandering route. i figure you don't miss things you don't know about :)

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