Wednesday, September 07, 2011


It's fall.

I'm not excited about it.

Fall is filled with tangibles that I adore - mild weather, cider mills, UM football, scarves and cardigans, the glorious day of my birth, pumpkin as an ingredient in every dish imaginable and totally perfect and awesome in each and every one, boots, Sundays spent on the couch, copious amounts of candy - but I am loathing the intangible. The dread that I have come to associate with fall.

It's been a long time since I've had a good fall.

I can't recall the last time that fall wasn't the toughest season of my year. College, maybe?


My last fall as an undergrad.

(Fuck. I'm old.)

(2003 also happens to be the last fall that UM beat Ohio State in their big rivalry game. This is probably not a coincidence. Go Blue.)

Now, you guys who have been reading my blog for a long time know that this is the part of the post where I promise that this fall will be different.

Except it has already started off - in very grand fashion - on the wrong foot.

Except I feel drained of my optimism.

Except all I want to do is put on a scarf and a sweater and crawl into my bed and nap until winter.

Waking only for meals of pumpkin bread pudding and pumpkin spice lattes.


LLandL said...

I'm not a fan of fall either, but it is more enjoyable to run outdoors.

Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised, though!

(Go Buckeyes)

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