Friday, September 09, 2011

Dates and memories

I am good with remembering dates.

I can often be heard recalling the dates others. Remember what we were doing at this time last year? I can see the dates in my head. Where significance fell on calendars past.

The day this happened. The day that changed. The day it all fell apart.

The eighth day of the month. When I interviewed for my new job. The day that The Coach first stood on my front steps. The day in June when it all seemed perfect. The day in September – exactly four weeks from when we said goodbye – when I stood up for myself and for how I was feeling and for what I deserve. The eighth day of September: two days after he hurt me.

The day he hurt me. The Tuesday after Labor Day weekend. The day in 2007 that I was accepted – and started – graduate school. The day in 2010 that I screamed at my father on the phone. The day that I rushed home after learning that he had confessed to my mother. How hysterical I was that day in 2010. And sad again in 2011. A different sad. On the Tuesday after Labor Day weekend in 2011, I shook my head sadly and I sighed, reminding myself that I should have known better.

The eleventh of September. In 2001, Lucy and I drove home from Chicago in the wee hours of that horrific day. In 2011 – 10 years already? – I will also be driving home from Chicago.

June 25: the day Meg and I embarked for South Africa.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving. When I took Paul to campus and I was wearing a hoodie and he was wearing a jersey and a toque and I thought I lost our tickets but didn’t really and the game was won and we rushed the field and he posted pictures on this weird internet message board that he fancied and we ate hamburgers.

December 10: the first concert Lucy and I attended together, cementing our friendship as enduring and rare and what often strikes me as perfect – or maybe just close enough to perfect for it to feel real.


kim said...

It's weird how memory works. Sometimes it's a date that will remind me. But sometimes it is a smell or a story or a place. And sometimes I'll remember only after the date has actually passed.

OC said...

What happened on the Tuesday after Labor Day this year?

I, like you, also remember dates. And I have the beginning of September full of dates resulting in broken hearts.

A said...

Last Tuesday: well, yeah. It sucked, involved The Coach and I'm not quite ready to write about it yet. Him and I -- we have quite the mess going. I'm not sure we're going to get through it and it generally just sucks.

Full story eventually. I promise!

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