Sunday, August 07, 2011

The wedding date

At the pre-wedding fiesta on Friday night, I overheard one of Maria's cousins talking to somebody and I knew I was on to something.

I marched up to Meg. "See him? Introduce yourself to him. He is your male equivalent."

He was unquestionably cute. And he seemed warm and funny and - from what I had gathered from his conversation - exactly like Meg.

And that's how Meg went from helping out at Maria's party to spending the rest of the night out on the deck chatting with this guy to attending Maria's wedding.


It's such a Meg situation, too. Of course she would meet a guy on Friday and be his date to a family wedding on Saturday. That's just how she lives her life. Carefree.

Meg and the cousin were the amusement of the wedding party. Maria was so, so insistent that Meg take the extra place at her cousin's table. And, when Maria and her cousin and her maid of honor drove back to the hotel on Friday night, Meg was all they talked about. Maria was just too pleased with her matchmaking skills and she nearly combusted when she caught sight of Meg perching atop his lap as a group crowded in to take a picture.

While just a silly distraction from all of our wedding events, it's been amusing to watch them together. Amusing and - for only me - a little disheartening, knowing two facts about the cousin that hit really, really close to home.

He's a sports coach.
And he lives out of state.


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