Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Wedding Date update

I met Maria and another girl who I used to work with for dinner yesterday.

I’ve been at my new job for three months now but I still pretty much love hearing all of the news and gossip from my old job. Also, they’re both really nice girls and it’s always great to catch up.

When we left the restaurant, Maria dragged me over to her car, saying “I have something for you!” while pulling out two enormous gift bags, and a half-dozen cupcakes, out of her back seat. “A present for you and a present for your family.”

“Maria! You can’t give me a present because I GAVE YOU A PRESENT!” I laughed. “That party was your wedding gift.” But of course I took the goodies anyway, after just enough protest to tease her.

Meg was over at Mom and Dad's house, so I made the 20 minute drive to the homestead to present the gift to my parents and the cupcakes to Meg.

And my mother was, of course, all "oh, she shouldn't have done this!" while opening her gift. And then she says – in front of Meg – “tell Maria that if this party lands Meg a husband, I am giving this back to her!”

Meg is still talking to Wedding Date quite frequently.

As a matter of fact, he was the main topic of conversation between Mom, Meg and a bunch of Mom’s friends on Friday, when the ladies got together for a day of lakeside relaxing. One of Mom’s friends insisted that Meg visit him as soon as possible. “We will get you a ticket with my frequent flyer miles and I will drop you off at the airport today!”

Everybody likes a cute story, right?

Especially my mother. This morning, she bought Meg a plane ticket so that she could visit Wedding Date next month.

Cute. Hilarious. Amusing. And – shit! – if I had known that my mother was so desperate to marry her girls off that she was financing plane tickets, I would’ve told her about The Coach months ago.


doahleigh said...

No kidding! Get ye a mom-financed plane ticket to see The Coach!

A said...

Hahahaha! You girls crack me up. And, not going to lie, Meg was like "mom's feeling generous! Strike while the iron is hot!"

...but I actually have enough frequent flyer miles to get me there. So I have options, I guess.

Kari said...

I can imagine you trying to explain to your mom why you didn't tell her about the coach!
Hope all is going well!

Kim said...

That's freaking awesome! Both that Meg is still talking to him and that your mom got her a plane ticket. Ahhh...young love. :)

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Can't wait to hear about that weekend trip. Hmmm and the possibility of a weekend trip of your own...

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