Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teary Thursday

I think that I’m going to cry now, if you don’t mind.

Is that okay?

I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.

But I would like to cry.

About anything.

I am not picky.

The runner’s knee that I had last fall is flaring up again, and it makes me want to cry.

Meg spilled water on her laptop and it won’t work. That makes me want to cry.

Two weeks ago, I said goodbye to The Coach. Remembering that day makes me want to cry.

Tomorrow, Lucy and Chet find out the gender of their baby. I want to cry.

My bank account makes me want to cry.

Working on Saturday – my mom’s birthday – makes me want to cry.

This anxiety that has settled into my chest makes me want to cry.

Looking at my calendar makes me want to cry.

My uncertainty about continuing to blog makes me want to cry.

Making a decision about where I’m going to live makes me want to cry.

My lack of motivation distresses me and makes me want to cry.

Thinking about how much I would like to cry makes me want to sob.

This is not how I want to live.


k said...

I'll cry right along with me. Today I somehow forgot to put on my bike helmet (something I typically do at least 2 times a day when hopping on the bike, distracted much?) and didn't realize it till I crossed the big, busy intersection about 3 blacks from my house that I was sans helmet. So I pulled up onto the corner of the sidewalk, hopped off my bike, turned it around and pushed the crosswalk signal button. I was already pretty annoyed with myself for forgetting it, and the cop waiting for the light certainly didn't make me feel any better when we got on his loudspeaker to tell me I might consider walking my bike until I find myself a bike helemt. Yeah, dumbass, what do you think I am doing here?!?! I burst into tears right then and there. Stressed much?

Anyway, point is you are not alone, I'll join you on this teary Tuesday.

k said...

I mean Thursday. See - I am so not with it!

LLandL said...

Crying is weird. Is makes it hard to breathe and the back of your throat hurt, and it's definitely not pretty.... but it DOES feel pretty good sometimes. It may not solve anything, but it FEELS good, and sometimes, I need that.

So take your pick, cry about one or all of the things that are bothering you, because expressing yourself in some way has GOT to be better than not expressing it at all.

(and feel better!)

doahleigh said...

My advise? Cry away! Have a good nasty ugly cry, then pick on that list to deal with. Just one, just pick one to process. Then pick another one. Cry again if you must. And so on.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to so much of this! I also have an expensive master's degree that may not turn out to be in a field I even want to be in! And I'm single, and job hunting, and have PMS, and sometimes I just want to cry. Then I do, and I feel better, and then I tackle on of the issues. I'm going to give up sugar, wheat, and dairy for the next couple weeks. That always does wonders for my mood.

Anonymous said...

tackle *one* of the issues

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

You are clearly not alone here. Have a good cry (it can be needed) as long as you pick yourself up after and keep on keeping on :) hugs

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