Friday, August 19, 2011

Teammates and Fundraisers

Poor Coach Meg.

She coaches a team of teenage girls who bring her nothing but drama and headaches and controversy and a ton of joy.

Meg loves to bitch about what a pain in the ass the girls are, but she loves each and every one of them so dearly.

She just called, all bummed out, to tell me that one of the girls who she has coached for the last several years is dropping off of the team because she can’t afford to play.

Her dad died last year. He loved the sport. Her parents were divorced and he was the parent who paid her sports bills and drove her to games and to practices. When he suddenly passed away, her mom refused to contribute and she nearly had to quit; the team found enough donors to cover her for the rest of the season.

So, the team is back to soliciting donations and organizing fundraisers and trying to find a way to pull together the money they need so that their teammate can continue to be their teammate. It’s sweet. The girls are sweet. It is refreshing to see a group of kids – are you ever so self-centered as you are as a teen? – stepping it up for one of their friends.

Any of you guys come across any fun, unique, not lame fundraisers that would appeal to teenage girls lately? A Facebook-a-thon, perhaps? Meg’s girls are all about raising the money, they’re just a little repulsed by the idea of selling cookie dough.


Kim said...

Car wash? t shirts? empty can drive? home services (grass cutting, dog walking, etc.)?

Anonymous said...

Try this... Good time since fall is just around the corner.


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