Sunday, August 14, 2011


Items consumed in bed over the course of the weekend:
One (1) bowl of popcorn
One (1) bowl of broccoli
Three (3) cups of coffee
Two (2) ginger snaps
One (1) small bowl of chips - minus one chip for Ellie and one chip for Blue - with salsa
One (1) turkey sandwich with mustard and cheddar cheese
Two (2) pieces of toast, slathered in butter and lavender-vanilla sugar and cooked under the broiler
Three (3) generous cups of water

Comfort food not consumed in bed over the course of the weekend:
One (1) enormous bowl of matzah ball soup
Two (2) Häagen-Dazs vanilla milk chocolate almond ice cream bars

While my lists may suggest otherwise, it was a solid weekend. Exactly the weekend that I needed. Time with my best friend. Time alone. Time to read an entire book. Time to think about The Coach's departure but not cry about The Coach's departure. And not panic. And not fear it. And not worry about how it will all work out. Time to let it all soak in, uninterrupted.

Tomorrow, my life without The Coach begins. Tomorrow, I'll find solace in establishing a routine. Tomorrow, I will begin my climb my way back to busy - crazy, crazy, busy. So busy that the days pass by quickly and effortlessly.

Because that's the goal.

To get to Thanksgiving. As soon as possible. And without eating any more turkey sandwiches in bed.


Accidentally Me said...

That is WAY healthier than I ever entire bowl of broccoli? That is more than I have eaten in my life!

And no, you are not waiting and passing time until Thanksgiving. We have been over this!!!

Kari said...

Yes -- you are not waiting and passing time -- you are going to have some fun!

Kim said...

You will get to Thanksgiving. And then you'll get beyond. You're so much stronger than you realize.

A said...

Okay, okay! I'm not sitting on my ass waiting for Thanksgiving, I SWEAR. I will have fun and keep busy and enjoy life -- really, I will -- because time will pass by an awful lot faster that way. :)

Kari said...

Ummm your reply was good until the "time will pass by faster that way"...
One of the Drs I work with is from the Detroit area -- will have to see if he has any single nephews/cousins your age to set you up with.

A said...

Bwahahaha. You guys are killing me. Just because I am anticipating another opportunity to make out with a certain young gentleman does not mean that I will automatically reject any others who come my way!

For real. I know that waiting around for him is only going to waste my life. I know better than to do that, I really really really do.

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