Thursday, August 11, 2011

The infamous party, part 2

My favorite part about the party (and my favorite part about every party) was the desserts. Who doesn’t love desserts? Who doesn’t love an entire table stuffed full of desserts?


So that’s why we went with a whole table full of desserts.

For the purpose of convenience and maintaining sanity and variety, we made cookies and cookies and more cookies. It was easy. (Most cookies freeze well.) And then guests had free reign to take what they thought looked good, nibbling to their heart’s content. It’s also something to talk about. Awkward conversation with another guest? Ask them if they’ve seen the cookie buffet. Ask them what they liked the best.

I made oatmeal chocolate chip pecan cookies, peanut butter cookies, ginger snaps and the sugar cookies in the shape of a block M (the groom and I went to the same college – 25 years apart) and frosted in maize and blue. My grandma offered to make a few different bar cookies, because she is a saint. And Mom and Meg made some variations on the brownie, lemon bars and, oh, I don’t even remember. Cousin Emma made Rice Krispie Treats. They’re her specialty. I swear Emma’s taste better than any other Rice Krispie Treats.

We considered making a bunch of different cheesecakes (which also freeze well) in lieu of the cookie buffet, but considering the casualness of the party, the menu, our available freezer space and the fact that I can’t make a cheesecake without cracking the top of it to save my life, I think that we made the right choice.

Also, a good number of those leftover cookies may have been popped right back into the freezer to be enjoyed in my lunch for weeks to come. Or sitting on the floor, while drinking tea, watching soccer and sniffling over a boy. Which is exactly how I had my ginger snaps last night.


Lauren said...

Wow! You are really the hostess with the Mostess! Can I bring you to DC to host a party for me?! DUDE!

Kari said...

Love Love Love the cookie bar -- what a great idea...those M's look pretty tasty!

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Love the little label sign thingys. This looks like it should be in a magazine...I think there is one called Real Simple/ or like Martha Stewart that always has these fab ideas like this...they should do a spread on one of your parties.

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