Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The infamous party, part 1

I couldn't have pulled off Maria's pre-wedding fiesta without a lot of help.

There's no denying that I have been in a dense fog the last few weeks. Planning a party for 50 was not a task that I felt particularly up for, but somehow it all got done.

Somehow meaning my mom worked her ass off, Meg worked her ass off and my cousin Emma worked her ass off. I can't thank them enough.

While I spent Thursday at work and at the rehearsal dinner, they spent Thursday printing signs and cleaning off the deck and raking the beach and stringing outdoor lights.

They liked it. They all like planning a party -- especially Emma, who remarked to my mom "this is so fun. This reminds me of doing crafts before a party with my mom"-- but what they did was absolutely above and beyond anything that I could ever expect from them. I am so grateful.

I found a cute set of printables at the Hostess Blog. They were technically supposed to be for an Independence Day party but, since we were already going with primary colors, they worked out without looking like we bought everything on clearance on July 5.

We did fruit and fruit dip and veggies and veggie dips.

As I mentioned before, we did a sandwich bar instead of a barbecue. It just seemed a little bit easier: less worrying about what to cook, when to cook it, how much to make, keeping it warm, running in between the house and the deck, etc.

So we took the easy route.

And bought (and labeled) a lot of bread.

And a lot of meat. And a lot of really, really good chips in a variety of flavors.

If you look to the far left of the picture, you can see the cute little recipe cards that Emma made. They were suggested sandwich combinations that she printed out, glued to wooden skewers and stuck in a slice of watermelon. Super cute.

Drinks were set up on the deck. My aunt has a margarita machine that we borrowed. I made a killer sangria. And there was the standard water, beer, wine, etc.

Meg and Anna insisted on making the drink umbrellas that came as part of the printable suite. Adorable.

While this welcome sign normally sits out on the deck, the bottle of margarita mix does not. Nor did it sit there for long after I snapped this picture, I imagine. We went through a lot of margarita mix.

Anna was our little bartender. She was happy to run that margarita machine and refill the sangria and pull beers from the cooler and -- once it got late -- pass out the Jello shots that she and Meg insisted we make part of our menu.

Our little Ellie (above) and Blue spent the night at Grandma's house so that they wouldn't be underfoot, but I just I couldn't resist including this picture of E. This is how she spends hours upon hours in the summertime: wet and smelly, perched on the shore and mesmerized by the lake and all of its ducks and swans and turtles and fish. She's so cute

While I am certain that you are all endlessly fascinated by a party that you didn't attend, held in honor of a couple who you don't know, I am going to break this into two parts. Next up: the dessert table (who doesn't like dessert?) and why I sort of wanted to strangle the guests of honor.


Kari said...

Next time we have a family party I am sending you 4 plane tickets so you, your mom, sister and cousin can come and organize it all!! Sounds like it was a great party!

k said...

You should start up a partly planning business on the side!

Kim said...

Okay, first of all, you're in charge of every party I have from here until I die.

Second, Ellie is adorable. That picture is priceless.

A said...

Wheeee! You guys, I will totally plan your parties. As long at they aren't fancy parties. I think my specialty is the casual. And my MY, I actually mean my mom's. She's the brains behind the operation.

OC said...

Love the sunflowers on the corner of the table!

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