Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Food is Love

My Tuesday night featured:

a. Making a German chocolate cake for my former boss. It is his birthday this week and all of my ex-coworkers wanted to surprise him during their Wednesday morning staff meeting with balloons, decorations, Tim Horton’s coffee, cake and his favorite employee in the history of the world: me. (I might be exaggerating about my place in his heart as his favorite all-time employee. But I also might not be.) (I also might have given him a framed picture of me, him and Meg as a birthday gift. The gift might have been a joke but it also might not be.)

b. Baking a lemon Bundt cake for my new boss. She’s quite the baker herself – the ‘brary has a huge staff and she makes a cake for nearly everyone’s birthday – but you can’t possibly make your own birthday cake. Such foolishness is not allowed. And when my coworkers said, “who will make her birthday cake this year?” I volunteered. Not knowing that her birthday fell on the same day that we were celebrating my old boss.

c. Mixing up a batch of cookies for a certain young man who I miss terribly and who is a little homesick and in serious need of sweet treats and a good book. (Both of which were boxed up and shipped across the country this morning.)

I am so transparent. If I have love in my heart, I will put food in your belly.


k said...

Re: c. awwww :)

I could use some chocolate chip cookies in my life!

Kari said...

I thought you would send the coach some cookies a few weeks ago, that were left over from the wedding party!

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

yummy! Lucky coworkers and lucky coach :)

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