Friday, August 12, 2011


In 19 days, I will bring a cake to my old job to celebrate the birthday of my old boss. I promised.

The first game of the UM football season is in 22 days.

In one month, I will travel to Chicago for Mara’s baby shower.

Her builders estimate that Liz’s house will be done in 40 days. (Whether I’ll be
living in that house is another matter entirely.)

My hockey season starts in 6 weeks.

My birthday is in 51 days.

There is a 10k that I have my heart set on running that takes place in 57 days.

Lucy and I have tickets to a concert in 61 days.

In 9 weeks and 5 days, it is my dad’s birthday. And I will be running my next half marathon.

I will need a Halloween costume sometime in the next 80 days.

Mara's baby is due in 87 days.

I will throw Lucy a baby shower sometime in the next 104 days. I will pick out a venue and make invitations and mull over details and chart RSVPs and track which gifts came from which guests in a little notebook. All within the next 104 days.

Thanksgiving is in 15 weeks.

15 weeks.

It has been mere hours since The Coach and I said goodbye.

It has been mere minutes since he drove the first mile of nearly 2,000.

It has been one minute since I last looked at the calendar.

And it will be one minute until I look at it again.


Kim said...

Wow. This post was really powerful in that understated way you do so well. If nothing else, this gives you good fodder for writing.

k said...

:( Hang in there girl. So much too look forward too - remember that. Any countdown till his return at Christmas or a trip to see him in January?

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Sometimes all you can do is count...You are one tough cookie and I am jealous of all the fun stuff you have coming up (at least it can be an exercise in distraction).

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