Sunday, July 03, 2011

Oh, hey!

I have been a little light on the blogging the last couple of days. It wasn't an intentional break; I got caught up in the gorgeous simplicity of my summertime.

I haven't been doing anything. I've been on the deck and in the sunshine. I've slathered on sunscreen and sprayed on sunscreen and slathered and sprayed on some more. I started a book that wasn't worth my time and started another that actually holds my interest. I baked a double batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, dropping them into the freezer for an August party that I'm already thinking too much about.

On Friday night, Meg and I celebrated her birthday with a movie and margaritas and dinner with our parents. I got to bed early for the first time in days and it felt superb.

Yesterday, I set my alarm early to go on a quick run before I went to work. Working on the Saturday of a holiday weekend sucks, but at least it was the right day. Saturday looks to be the most unpleasant weather of the weekend - it was so hot and muggy and sticky. We were busy, so the day went by quickly. But I left work pissed off at myself, pissed for making a stupid and avoidable mistake that I know that I will hear about later. I hate that. I loathe my imperfections. And I have such a hard time letting mistakes go.

Yoga class this morning helped me clear my head. Aided by the afternoon on the lake that followed soon after. My parents are getting ready for their big Independence Day/Meg's birthday celebration and, what I wanted - to sit, uninterrupted, in the perfect sunshine and devour my book - was slightly different than what I got. Which was a bit of reading and relaxing, spliced with the honor of being my mother's OMG-I'm-hosting-a-party-tomorrow-PANIC! elf. There was stringing of outdoor party lights. (Which looks fantastic, by the way.) The assistance with the fixing of the dock. (Not so fun.) The doing exactly what my mom asked me the second that she asked it because some things never change. And being a lazy ass around my mother? Not permitted. Never permitted. We jump on command around here, boys and girls. Especially when there's a party on the horizon.

Seems like everyone is out of town or at a wedding, so I guess I'll stay here tonight - at Mom and Dad's - and continue to be my mom's little party elf and watch the the fireworks over the lake and try to keep myself busy. Distracted. Doing something other than obsessively checking my phone for activity that isn't happening. And hating that I care.


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