Monday, June 13, 2011

Three bedroom fun distractions

I may have found my latest project.

House hunting.

Followed by house buying.

Followed by house owning.

Not quite sure if I’m ready to take this step into adulthood. Not quite sure if my finances are ready, either. I suppose that determining the viability of these critical factors is part of the process.

My dad’s been beating this drum for a while. It made absolutely no sense before, when I was furiously searching for a new job and had no idea where I would end up. It is a bit more logical now that I’m hired in at a job that I will likely have for quite some time. (Eeeee! That feels so good to type. It seems that I am finally, finally getting settled into my adult life. Finally.)

For the moment, I am content with browsing the interwebs for houses that I find to be adorable and seemingly within reach while contemplating where, exactly, I would like to live. I have a handful of cities in mind, but I keep returning to two: the city Lucy and Chet where live (creepy? weird? codependent?) and the city where I currently live. Which is next to the city Lucy and Chet live in.

Both cities are sort of situated halfway between home (mom and dad’s house, that is, but also Aunt Lynn and Grandma and Grandpa) and work. I like the idea of that. Remember when I moved way to the east side of the city to be closer to my job and I ended up feeling so damn isolated that I eventually moved? I don’t want to live somewhere just because it is close to work. I think that I would rather live near the fun.

My commute isn’t horrible, but it isn’t great – 40 minutes – and in the ideal situation my drive would be more along the lines of 25 minutes, the reality is that there just aren’t a lot of places:
a. where I would like to live
b. that are slightly closer to my job than where I currently live
c. located within a reasonable proximity of my fun

And that is why I’m looking at staying where I am (I would love to be closer to the very adorable, quaint, sweet little downtown area) or following Lucy and Chet a few miles south (where I would shave off a bit of commute by being closer to the expressway).

All of this is contingent on a 109 factors. Down payments and getting through my 90 day probationary period and interest rates and mileage on my lease and the sudden appearance of a very wealthy, very kind and very awesome man in my life who would like to purchase a mansion for us to share in bliss for the rest of our lives.

So, while being incredibly far from a sure thing, it certainly is proving to be a fun distraction.

A fun distraction from my fun distraction. (Who you may know as The Coach).


Anonymous said...

I am dying to know more about The Coach.

Definitely live by the fun.

I am so happy for you and your new job!!

Kari said...

When you are ready to seriously start looking for a house you will know (I did).
Ditto the more information on the Coach...

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

How fun and exciting! It sounds like everything is coming together for you :) And I'm glad I'm not the only one curious to hear more about the Coach...just saying haha.

Kim said...

Live in an area you'd like to spend your weekends in, not your weekdays. If you do that, you'll be fine.

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