Saturday, June 04, 2011

Summer, finally

We had a rainy, rainy, ugly, yucky spring. Finally – just in the last couple of days – the weather has started to feel like summertime. All I want to do is wear my sunglasses and a sundress and soak up the sunshine like I depend on it. Like I’m solar powered, damnit.

Now that I’m finally wearing my sunglasses and my sandals and my sundress and my sunscreen, all I can do is dream about what the summer will bring. It will be busy, like they always are, but I’m not excited about the big events. I’m excited about the little stuff. The things that I do every summer without fail. All of the stuff that I dream about in January as I clod around in my Uggs and scarves and hooded sweatshirts.

I’ve been dreaming about this.

About playing a lot of soccer
About spending many an afternoon in my bikini, book in hand, a healthy dose of sunscreen slathered on my blindingly fair skin, lounging in the sunshine
About freckles
About taking a cruise or two on Grandma and Grandpa’s boat
About summertime crushes on cute boys with great tans
About messy buns and headbands
About weeknight socialization that goes too late on account of the fabulous weather and the awesome company
About changing into my flip flops when I get to my car after work
About post-soccer Dairy Queen stops with Meg
About catching unexpected sight of a fireworks display
About dining on many patios, decks, docks, porches and other outdoor living spaces
About having my fair share of drinks on patios (or decks or docks or porches or other outdoor living spaces)
About open windows on mild mornings
About a rainbow of polish colors on my toenails
About taking trips to the dog park with Lucy and the pooches (but only when the heat isn’t too oppressive)
About weekend mornings on the deck at Mom and Dad’s with coffee and fruit and pancakes and the newspaper
About the occasional outdoor run
About sun-bleached hair
About blogging about how I am excited for it to finally be summer.



Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Agreed! And it only took until June haha...the summer is so much better :)

Soo @ Little Miss Fitness said...

Hey A!

I found your blog through "Iowa Girl Eats" and am loving the Midwestern pride. :) I too am from the Midwest and haven't found a better place than that! :) (Although I now live in FL, Minnesota will always be in my roots.)

Can't wait to read more!

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