Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stuffing My Face: Switzerland

I returned from my Switzerland/Italy trip five weeks ago; I need to write my recaps.

I thought I would ease my way in with a photo post.

Featuring my favorite subject matter: food.

I had a variation of this breakfast every morning that I was in Switzerland. Except multiply that amount of cheese by, oh, four or six.

This was my bread plate on the second night of the trip. I could have taken the same shot on the first night and the third night and the fifth night and, um, yesterday.

Spinach lasagna at the Lausanne Palace hotel. I ate every bite.

It was late one afternoon and I was hungry and a little sleepy and my feet hurt. I found a tiny cafe and I ordered a quiche and an espresso and I sat under the awning and watched Lausanne pass by.

I would say that it was perfect, except there was this little asshole bird who kept dive bombing me because he wanted a piece of quiche. Birds freak me out.

On my third night in Switzerland, my cousin Liz and I went to dinner with one of her coworkers. Liz and her coworker decided that we were going to get Chinese for dinner. Luckily, that request was lost in translation and we ended up at a Vietnamese restaurant. Even luckier, I had a Lausanne app on my iPhone that lead us less than a block to an authentic Swiss restaurant. Where I had fondue that will never, never be topped.

The dessert that came with our traditional dinner was BANANAS. Meringue, dipped in that dish of double creme. Simple and awesome.

Caramel ice cream. Much like everything else that was dairy-based: f'ing fantastic. I picked this up at the grocery store when I was out wandering around on my own one day. Best choice ever.

I picked up this sandwich at the airport in Zurich. I forget that I like sandwiches until I eat one like this one. It tasted awfully good to me. So good that I had to write a post about it.

I'll write a whole post on what I ate over our weekend in Milan, too. And then you'll really know why I came home feeling like a chunky monkey.

Or just scroll up once more. It sort of says it all.


Kim said...

That ice cream looks amazing. Actually all of this does. Now I'm hungry...

Anonymous said...

mmmm fondue, that is what i want right now! nevermind that it is 9am...

Lauren said...

Finally reading this post on my laptop at home with an HD screen...it looks even MORE delicious! I am SO jealous!

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