Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Simple, perfect, good

I am quietly having a really, really good stretch of days. Not the blockbuster days of lottery winnings and marriage proposals – just a handful of days that have been simultaneously ordinary and wonderful.

On Saturday, I went to dinner with Lucy and Chet and Chet’s best friend and we picked the perfect restaurant and had a fantastic server. The sundress that I wore was the just the right weight and the wrap that I ordered hit the spot and I was informed of something really, really wonderful that will change my life (but not as much as it will change the lives of Lucy and Chet) and you can probably guess exactly what that is.

On Monday night, Lucy and I saw a concert. It was mellow and the crowd around us wasn’t obnoxious and the weather was just hot enough so that we didn’t have goosebumps when the sun went down. I love going to concerts with Lucy; concerts are what we built our friendship around when we were 15 and had little more in common than the books that we liked to read, the musicians that we liked to listen to and the advanced chemistry class that we both struggled to pass. Being at a concert with Lucy makes me feel like I am 19 and have the whole word at my fingertips. Except now I’m 28 and maybe the whole world isn’t at my fingertips – but sometimes it still feels that way.

Last night, Meg and I went to see the American men’s soccer team play here in Detroit. They had their first match in a tournament called the Gold Cup (you’re welcome for not subjecting you to a tedious explanation of the tournament and its history) and they beat Canada in what turned out to be a really, really fun match to watch. It wasn’t the World Cup – I need to realize that nothing will be the World Cup unless it IS the World Cup – but putting on our silly USA party beads and tying patriotic ribbons in our hair and making the 30 minute trip downtown sure was easier than flying around the world. Cheaper, too.

And then, when I got home, I got to see The Coach. Who I still don’t have the words to write about. Whose number I am still afraid to program into my phone. Who I have this really easy, really natural comfort with that I have absolutely never had with another guy and that, honestly, perplexes the hell out of me.

This morning, I got out of bed before my alarm clock went off. I had a cup of tea. I went to yoga class. I ate a grilled cheese sandwich and put a braid in my hair and left for work right on time. The weather is stiflingly hot and I barely noticed. I paid too much for gas and I didn’t really care. I am so content that I don’t feel like myself. My heart is so full that I’m afraid that it might burst.

I want to capture this. I want to store away and open it up on days that are heavy and hard. I want to preserve this feeling. I want every week to be like this week: simultaneously ordinary and wonderful. Simple, perfect and good.


k said...

if this was a facebook post, i'd like it.

i don't tweet - but i saw your recent tweet about colin. don't do it.

Kari said...

Enjoy this -- I'm sure there is more of it to come!
Ummm why did you almost email Colin?

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