Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy birthday to my very best friend

I will never have another friend like Lucy.

I cannot imagine ever being in the position to cultivate a friendship like this. A friendship of this length, a friendship of this depth, a friendship having continued so seamlessly through so much change, a friendship that has the strength of this friendship, a friendship that has this ease. A friendship that spans half of my life.

Lucy became my friend in chemistry class when we were sophomores in high school – the fall of 1997 – and we haven’t looked back. And we’ve never been anything less than the closest of friends. No major fights. No periods of silence. Just a voice on the other end of the line. The person on the other side of the table. The girl with the map in the passenger seat. The owner of the other enormous set of teeth in what would otherwise be a cute photo. The sender of the text message that makes me laugh.

Our friendship has weathered her service in AmeriCorps, my summer studying in Denver, her wedding, my discovering that my dad was cheating on my mom, her studying abroad in Thailand, way more moves than either of us would ever care to remember, the death of my Aunt Marie (and my grandma, and her grandma, and her cousin), countless road trips, a litany of asinine ideas that we both thought would make us famous/rich/more awesome, our undergraduate years and our time in grad school.

These days, it feels like our lives are progressing at completely different rates. Married. House. Dog. She’s checking items off of the list of the Great American Dream and I am not and it doesn’t matter. I can’t even get a steady boyfriend so that we can socialize as couples like normal people and she doesn’t care. She is still my tea drinking, car karaoke singing, motivated, hilarious, directionally challenged, slightly perverse best friend. She is my very best friend and she hasn’t left me behind.

Today Lucy turns 29. I bought her a fancy water bottle that she has been coveting and a wallet because she’s been complaining about the one that she has. I baked cupcakes – a chocolate, caramel, coconut concoction – and a bunch of us are piling into a few cars and going to the drive in. It should be a fun, simple night -- just what she wants even though she deserves so much more.


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