Friday, June 03, 2011

Going casual

It did not take me long at all to realize that there are many, many things about my new job that are different from my old job. From library to library, there are certainly differences. But sports business and library are about as alike as

In the position that I held up until last month, I worked in an extremely, extremely conservative environment. For a place run by a bunch of ex-jocks, they were a conservative bunch. Hearing me swear would often make my boss’s head explode (less for the swear word and more because the swear word was coming from the mouth of a female). And when a woman at my office was unwed and pregnant, it went unacknowledged. Unlike the pregnancies of all of the married gals. (That actually happened when I was working at another building, but it is the stuff of legend.)

They’re a buttoned-up group and I was (minus the swearing) very acclimated to that environment.

The culture at this new job is blowing my mind.

Some of it is because I’m working in a community that is pretty liberal, pretty free to be you and me, hippie, casual and accepting. Some of it is just because I’m no longer working for crazy people who find capri pants to be offensive.

I am absolutely certain that my coworkers look at my cardigans and slacks and my closed-toe shoes (open-toed shoes were forbidden in my past professional life) and think that I am overdressed. And that is fine by me. I know that I look cute and appropriate and, sorry, I can’t just immediately go all casual when I am so accustomed to my skirts and my heels and my blouses.

That’s not to say that I am not completely fired up to break out my dressy sandals and my not-quite-kocher-at-my-last-job tops and my capris. I’m pretty sure that my work wardrobe practically doubled when I switched jobs. And I’m pretty sure nobody here would blink an eye if I ended up pregnant and unmarried, either.

I feel so free! I just want to burn some incense and braid my hair.

And not end up pregnant and unmarried. Just so we’re clear.


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